Electronic entrance guard will surpass the mechanical lock market 2017 years ago

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
The rising popularity of electronic entrance guard system is driving electric lock and the electromagnetic lock market growth, every is expected to surpass 2017 years ago the mechanical lock market. IHS estimates that from 2012 to 2017, electromagnetic lock anti-theft lock and shock of global income will respectively by 6. 9% and 7. Compound annual growth rate of 8% ( Average annual compound growth rate) Growth. Mechanical lock in the same time, by contrast, will experience a weaker average annual compound growth rate of 4. 5%. The rapid development of electronic entrance guard, or will surpass the mechanical lock market share, to be a main entrance guard. Entrance guard market scale of 5. 2 billion in 2011, according to the domestic mainstream access control results show that, each manufacturer operating income increased by more than 45% ~ 50% on average, at the same time, domestic entrance guard card second-line brand marketing to the rapid growth of the proportion of part of the second-line brand enterprise sales scale through historical highs. In the government's widening of large infrastructure project investment and the rapid development of industry market, 2012 domestic entrance guard system product sales market size trend prediction reached 5. 8 billion yuan, is growing at about 35% a year, in addition, the 2012 entrance guard card and related supporting engineering industrial scale further create a record high. Since after & other; M1 cracking events & throughout; Gradually after, the domestic market of entrance guard to rational development, pure price competition is no longer affected by manufacturer, personalized solutions and products get change from quantity to quality. Because of the domestic market economy development, the security products from demand trends, personalized professional solutions has become a highlight of the manufacturer to hit. From the point of market demand, the national judicial 675 prison labor camps to 350, 3200 - seat jail, huge market has become the focus of the first-line brand preference; And rail transportation, petrochemical and other industries for entrance guard card demand; The construction of campus security peak, mobile phones, telecom, unicom investment entrance guard card market driven; Campus card, business card, the card has become increasingly popular, entrance guard market demand will remain an annual 30% ~ 35% of strong growth trend. Integrated current domestic 11 public security companies announced results, combined with nearly three years the domestic residential restrictions, the influence of the investment business intelligent buildings will continue to become a hot spot. Another aspect under the impetus of the security monitoring hd market corporations, Banks, in areas such as market demand growth, at the same time become push door industry and anti-theft alarm system, video monitoring system of the security system & other Throughout the three big pillar &; 。 Electronic entrance guard 2017 years ago or beyond the mechanical lock market entrance guard system is becoming more and more popular, because they provide the time management and building automation system integration at the same time provide a higher level of security. And electronic entrance guard the main impediment to growth is higher upfront costs, long-term interest thanks to reduce the costs associated with machine oil cylinder to budget. Although the tide of access control solution is pushing the popularity of electric lock device, but they will not completely replace the mechanical lock. IHS estimates that most applications in the case of power failure or system error or a mechanical lock is needed to cover, such as access control is the only limit mechanical solution in the medium-term growth, does not have to replace. In terms of the popularity of electric lock, electromagnetic locks and shock locks are the most commonly used in access control system of electric lock device. Traditionally, electromagnetic lock has been the standard solution, but the more mature markets such as the United States and Western Europe have begun to adopt the most advanced electric lock. Electric lock is more safe, beautiful, pleasant, and more energy-saving than electromagnetic lock, is expected to outside Asia from 2012 to 2017 there will be a strong growth among regions. This is due to the Chinese market preference over shock over the use of electromagnetic lock lock. Electromagnetic lock is easier to manufacture, cheaper, more simple installation to make them more competitive price in China market. Electric lock solution trend not only affect the mechanical lock. Globally, according to IHS estimates 2012 standard of mechanical equipment of all export revenue of 70. 8%, expected to drop to 69 by 2017. 8%, as electrification is being increasingly used to decorate and electricity lock device retraction. According to nine is building materials is understood, implemented electric lock device as a means of security solutions in order to perform a complete entrance guard system is usually installed on the electric escape device for export.
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