Eight main factors to decide the stand or fall of entrance guard channel brake

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
A, strong stability & other; Stability & throughout; Is the first principle of entrance guard channel brake system choice, should be taken into account as much as possible in the industry leader in the mature product, after a number of authoritative attestation, typical users, and has many years of normal operation, and get high recognition in the industry. In the aspect of hardware, from the controller to the terminal identification equipment are mature and stable product. As the core of the system access channel brake controller needs to support offline work mode, be sure to use the nonvolatile memory chips, such as flash or impact on information also is not lost when power supply drop. Server and the terminal identification equipment failure shall not affect the normal operation of the system. Second, flexible scalability and economy suggest registration card access to 30000 pieces, it can be suitable for the vast majority of customers to the requirement of storage capacity, convenient for access control attendance statistics and the enterprise scale. Major equipment should be adopted modular design and the use of advanced wiring way, through the upgrade of software and hardware can be realized in the future system expansion, without too big to system changes, the maximum economy principle, cost-effective products should be dominant at the same time. After three, excellent compatibility to facilitate expansion and upgrading, and for reasons of anti-interference, advised to choose a terminal identification equipment of international standard, rather than compatibility as widely as possible. Certain format on the local has some advantages, but it is not in line with international standards, may cause problems for the upgrade, expansion and anti-interference, should stick to & other Practical, stable, accord with a standard & throughout; The principle. Four, strong ability to resist damage entrance guard channel brake system to protect the personnel and property safety, and the system itself must be safety. Here high security, on the one hand, refers to the products or natural attributes or natural attributes of the system, and should ensure that equipment, safety and the safety of the operator of the system operation, for example: equipment and system itself need to be able to resist high temperature, low temperature, damp and hot, and anti-static, anti-interference, etc; Entrance guard channel brake system, on the other hand, also should have the function of the man-made destruction, such as: with tamper alarm, etc. Five, it provides powerful management software with more and more widely the application scope of entrance guard channel brake system, requirements and attendance management, security alarm, consumption management, online tour more other linkage control function of system implementation, and therefore should have video interface, system software and support extended functionality. Six, easy maintenance system with easy installation, simple to use popular, and the unified network management ability, easy to maintain. Product appearance, with the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, in the pursuit of functional and practical at the same time, it can be design as one of the reference standard, in order to achieve the function of visual enjoy additional. Eight, the manufacturers designated agents to buy brand products mature brand can ensure perfect powerful service system, which includes two aspects: one is project implementation technical support and thoughtful after-sales service; Second, reliable follow-up research and development capabilities, to ensure that the new and old product consistency and compatibility. And buy from agents can have reliable quality and perfect service, purchased from other channels may have a lower price, but may not be sufficient technical support and after-sales service.
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