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Drove into a village entrance guard railing so heavily in private car guy are you crazy?

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Driving crashed village entrance guard railing, and crashed into the guard room, pull out of the car stopped, also out of the car slammed by two private car. Community security alarm hastily, facing to the police, the guy was quite vociferously: & other; I've learned martial arts, to one-on-one hit! ” On October 7, is the last day of National Day holiday, located in the beam, the guard indoor, a district in the two security guards are on duty. At this moment, suddenly a black Honda suv gallop, security found in monitoring the car after pressed the entrance guard railing of the remote control, ready to play the release. And on the rail has just raised, suv suddenly broke quickly rushed out of the railings. Two security guards just got up and going to stop, suv driver on the steering wheel, crashed at the gatehouse. After hitting a few times in a row, the gatehouse of the glass was knocked down, the whole and suv drivers still did not stop, directly to the car into the interior, the house of the tables and chairs are all pushing into the most inside. The process, in which a security guard facial injury, a security guard was not hurt in time to dodge, and called the police. Man can't see the car, back again on the steering wheel, then moved into the village. After you get off, the man in the parking lot to pick up a dustpan, hit two private car. At this time, the water margin the policemen arrived at the scene after receiving report, for the man's control. Man in every possible way, also blunt the police screamed: & other; I am a learned martial arts, to one-on-one hit to me. ” Then the man was forced on the police car. Via checking, man Yang, 26, beam. Wine woke up according to the statement, the night four friends from henan to liangshan, and drink the wine off the guest, came to his father-in-law's house looking for his wife. Quarrel with his wife at the door a few words, drive go into the village, at that time didn't see what is heard crashed with a clash, and turn the steering wheel to the right toward the past the past. “ Drink too much at the time, forget everything. ” Yang said. “ A mess in the house, glass in the ground. Tables and chairs, lavabo, TV all crashed. Under the glass is more than half a meter high brick wall that bike handlebar the wall is knocked down, two days later to repair good, fortunately not serious injury. ” The plot of a security guard said. At present, the man is Yang on suspicion of stir-up-trouble crime of liangshan police criminal detention, the case is still under further trial.
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