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Double next year will be to the old community well installed 47 set of entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Held recently, the double Wells street agency 2017 DangZhengQun discuss to rule the consultation, determine the jurisdiction of 2017 work for the people on the service project a total of 63, the service first ten big thing for the people. According to the guangzhou entrance guard system installation company, double Wells street 2017 DangZhengQun discuss work project prophase combing the consultation project 119. Then, by representatives from the government, the resident, the enterprise, as well as the people's congress, CPPCC member and representatives of local residents of 100, the delegation after presentation, debate link, by a vote, to submit the project to make the importance. Determined primarily by combing the summary and the research discussion, 2017 DangZhengQun discuss work engineering street level 10 class A projects, involving nearly nine million yuan of funds, 15 B class projects, 38 C project. Double well serve 2017 top ten practical and social assistance: due to encounter emergencies, accident harm, serious illness or other special circumstances, to establish temporary assistance system basic life struggling family. Social mobilization: to improve community card service functions, mobilize the masses of all kinds of social resources, promote regional cultural quality. Enhance residents' physical quality, to carry out the interesting games, add or change the fitness equipment to the community. Install the entrance guard system: to the old community for installation of 47 set of entrance guard system. Install surveillance cameras: guang qu men street, the place such as wide canal road, xiaojin hill install surveillance cameras 51. Regulation green space: the part of greening. Flat road engineering: road in Kowloon east garden, xiaojin hill area are resurfacing. Community standardization construction: in some communities push & other; 1 to 5 mode & throughout; , namely the formation of a linkage station, drive the community residents, community residents' committees, social organization, unit of professional social work 5 power linkage. Demolition to lock: to hang down west community such as plot secretly installed on the lock. Install street lamp: the mountain road, Kowloon street garden community install solar street lamp, etc.
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