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Does Keyable Technology have export licence?
Keyable Technology Co., Ltd has obtained the export license for decades. Our expertise in exporting is very rich. Cooperation with overseas companies is a strong evidence of our strength. In addition to the government's, our export license can be found on our own official website.

Shenzhen Keyable Technology has become the top metro entry gate manufacturer. tripod turnstile series manufactured by Keyable Technology include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The individualized design of Keyable swing turnstile has attracted many customers so far. Tailored hardware and software can be installed in the product for customers. The product offers wearers four-way stretchability, which means it has excellent flexibility in every direction to make wearers feel comfortable under any movement. It provides basic entrance management solutions.

Nothing but full height turnstile is what we will constantly improve. Contact!
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