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Does flap barrier price have warranty period?
Keyable Technology Co., Ltd needs you to be happy with your buy. Your satisfaction with all the order is our main concern. When You have some questions about your warranty policy, or you believe you need support, call our customer Support. We are here to assist you get the most out of the flap barrier .

As a Chinese sliding turnstile company, we have always advocated quality and practical sliding turnstile. full height turnstile series manufactured by Keyable Technology include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Keyable has passed the quality management system to ensure the quality of the product. It provides a fast pass speed, suitable for a large flow of people. The product, with a design contouring perfectly to people's bodies, giving them a streamlined look. This eventually will help increase their confidence in themselves. It can implement anti-reverse, anti-tailing, anti-pinch, and other alarm functions more accurately.

Enjoying a higher reputation in tripod turnstile industry has been a persisting task for Keyable. Ask!
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