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Do you know the characteristics of the security monitoring system?

by:Keyable     2021-08-05
Do you know the characteristics of the security monitoring system? 1. Security monitoring system: the platform is the core and the network is the link. The scale and planning of the security monitoring system is a bit daunting, or a bit daunting for users. How to configure and manage the surveillance images, codec equipment, and servers collected by a large number of cameras? Manpower can no longer solve the management problems of large-scale surveillance systems, so the need to build a management platform is very urgent. A good management platform can incorporate all cameras, alarm points, codecs, and back-end servers into management, so that the entire security monitoring system and security protection system can run smoothly. There is a prerequisite for the platform as the core to manage the entire monitoring system. It requires sufficient bandwidth to connect these devices and servers. Without a network, everything is empty talk. 2. Network monitoring: A number of different devices are interconnected. Due to the historical status of the security monitoring system (mainly independent small-scale applications), there are many manufacturers of security monitoring equipment, and each manufacturer has its own set of codec and network transmission practices. But also because of this status quo, a large-scale monitoring system platform is required to be able to access equipment from multiple manufacturers. One protects the user's original investment; the two provide solutions for users to reduce investment when building a new system. The large-scale monitoring systems under construction have made a lot of efforts in this regard. They have access to video codec equipment of mainstream domestic manufacturers, and have basically realized the transparency of the equipment on the user side. 3. System digital integration, networking and intelligent security monitoring systems cover a wide range of fields, usually including: integrated wiring, video monitoring, perimeter alarms, high-voltage power grids, access control, emergency alarms, patrols, intercoms, public broadcasting, More than ten subsystems such as interview recording and supervision information. In recent years, although the security monitoring system has made some progress in intelligence, due to various reasons, there are still problems that need to be improved urgently. For a long time, the various subsystems mentioned above have operated independently, information cannot be shared, and they are not related to each other, forming information islands. In the event of an emergency, the systems cannot be linked in a timely manner, monitoring images and other security resources cannot be shared, causing the management party to be unable to directly correspond, and unable to quickly and efficiently play the role of early warning and prevention; it is also difficult to uniformly check and find records afterwards The correlation between information wastes manpower and material resources, resulting in low management efficiency. The rapid development and popularization of computer, communication, multimedia and control technology are changing this situation. With the help of openness, scalability and manageability brought about by network, prison security has been able to monitor image resources as the core to realize perimeter alarm, high-voltage power grid, emergency alarm, patrol, access control, intercom, public broadcasting, The integration and integration of meeting recordings, supervision information and other security resources, and through the unified coordination of the upper-level integrated management system, realizes the resource sharing and information intercommunication between the various subsystems, thereby achieving management convenience, data intuitiveness, and system intelligence and security Sex and other purposes. Therefore, the future development direction of the security monitoring system should be: digital integration, networking and intelligence. The above information is compiled by Chengdu Security, and the opinions of this article have nothing to do with this site.
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