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Do you know how to maintain the monitoring system?

by:Keyable     2021-07-31
Do you know how to maintain the monitoring system? In order to maintain the monitoring equipment, the repair center is equipped with corresponding manpower and material resources (tools, communication equipment, etc.), responsible for the daily monitoring, maintenance, service, and management of the monitoring system, and undertakes the maintenance service work of the equipment to ensure Chongqing The long-term, reliable and effective operation of the monitoring system in Chengdu Security. 1. Basic maintenance conditions As the old saying goes, 'a clever woman can hardly cook without rice\  1) Spare parts Qi   Generally speaking, the maintenance of each system must establish a corresponding spare parts library, mainly to reserve some more important equipment that is not easy to repair immediately after damage, such as cameras, lenses, monitors, etc. Once these equipment malfunctions, the system may not operate normally and must be replaced in time. Therefore, a certain number of spare parts must be available, and the inventory of the spare parts library must be continuously updated according to the repairability of the equipment and the characteristics of the operating cycle of the equipment.   2) Accessories Qi    accessories are mainly the additional configuration of various discrete components and modules in the equipment, which can be prepared more, and are mainly used for equipment maintenance. Commonly used accessories mainly include various integrated circuit chips and various circuit discrete components required by the circuit. Other larger equipment must be equipped with certain functional modules for emergency use. In this way, a small investment can be used to produce good benefits after maintenance, and a large amount of money for updating equipment can be saved. 3) Tools and testing instruments must be equipped with common maintenance tools and overhaul equipment, such as various pliers, screwdrivers, electric test pens, electric soldering irons, adhesive tapes, multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc., in order to perform diligent maintenance of equipment. Add it at any time, and if necessary, you should also make your own such as simulated load as a test tool. 2. Some precautions in equipment maintenance During the maintenance of the monitoring system equipment, some situations should be guarded, as far as possible to make the equipment operate normally, mainly to prevent moisture, dust, corrosion, lightning, and interference. jobs. 1) Moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion For various collection equipment of the monitoring system, because the equipment is directly placed in a dusty environment, it will have a direct impact on the operation of the equipment, so we need to focus on moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion. Maintenance work. If the camera is hung at the end of the shed for a long time, the protective cover and dust-proof glass will soon be covered with a mixture of dust, carbon dust, etc., which is dirty, black, and corrosive, which seriously affects the viewing effect and also brings the equipment Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of dust-proof and anti-corrosion maintenance of the camera. In some places with heavier humidity, the installation location and equipment protection must be adjusted during the maintenance process to improve the moisture resistance of the equipment itself. At the same time, dehumidification measures must be taken to solve the moisture prevention problem in high humidity areas. 2) Lightning protection and interference prevention As long as anyone who has been engaged in the maintenance of electromechanical systems knows, it is common for equipment to be struck by lightning when thunderstorms come, causing great safety hazards to the normal operation of monitoring equipment. Therefore, monitoring equipment is under maintenance. In the process, we must attach great importance to the issue of lightning protection. The main measures for lightning protection are to make a lightning protection ground grid for equipment grounding, and an independent comprehensive grounding grid with a ground resistance of less than 1 ohm should be made according to the equipotential body plan to eliminate the lightning protection grounding of the weak current system and the power lightning protection grounding grid. The practice of mixing together to prevent the power grounding grid noise from causing interference to the equipment. Anti-interference is mainly to adhere to the principle of separation of strong and weak electricity when wiring, separate power cables from communication cables and video cables, and construct Chengdu security in strict accordance with the wiring specifications of the communication and power industries.
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