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Do you know how to install monitoring?

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
Do you know how to install monitoring? The following Chengdu monitoring installation company will share with you some tips. First, use a computer to install a monitoring card. The overall investment is relatively low. It is suitable for places that are familiar with computer installation, have professionals on duty, and have more functional requirements. The computer needs to be turned on for 24 hours. With the increase of the system usage time and the influence of the long-term unattended computer host, the failure rate of the entire monitoring system based on the computer host will be relatively high. The use of embedded hard disk video recorder does not require much computer expertise, does not need to be on duty, and the operation is very simple, as convenient as using a VCD. The advantage is that the monitoring system based on the embedded hard disk video recorder is a completely independent, professional and stable monitoring system. In the process of long-term uninterrupted power use, if the quality of the built-in storage hard disk of the embedded hard disk video recorder passes the test, it is rare Failed. Second: Is there a night vision function? In dark places such as corridors, halls, aisles, warehouses, etc., you can consider infrared night vision surveillance cameras. It should be noted that infrared surveillance cameras are in addition to professional night vision or special order In addition to the system, infrared cameras also need to have lights on the scene to assist the five-finger condition, the infrared distance will be shortened exponentially. If the site is a garden lawn, the infrared effect is worse; third: whether to wire or use wireless; fourth: on-site monitoring and network monitoring.  When you determine the monitoring system, you should consider whether you need network functions. That is to say, if you need to monitor and control the monitoring site on the Internet at any time, you need to choose a host with network functions. Among the above-mentioned recommended surveillance brands, the embedded hard disk video recorder has remote access function. Now, taking the Xingyun Xing 16-channel embedded hard disk video recorder as an example, you only need to buy a router with a peanut shell and apply for a peanut shell dynamic on the network. Domain name, embedded hard disk video recorder and router with peanut shell and then set a little bit to do a specific port mapping, so that you can remotely monitor anytime and anywhere. The above is about the monitoring installation content, for reference only, if you have more questions about the monitoring installation, the editor recommends that you consult Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a comprehensive weak current project design, installation, and service. Relevant units in the city have signed qualified high-tech entity enterprises with operating license rights. They have been engaged in monitoring installations and countless installation projects for many years.
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