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'Digital' in real-time monitoring of transformer substation

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
On 7 December, according to lean on can contract to build the new energy branch Wei Ping YueYongGang, head of 110 kv substation project, the project was first used in the whole province engineering field video monitoring system, is also the province set up the scene for the first time video monitoring and control system engineering, this technique is to use & other; Digital & throughout; On the construction site safety production and civilized construction monitoring for 24 hours. According to understand, want to know the project construction is normal? The field staff to wear safety helmet? Live without potential safety hazard and so on, all can draw on past at any time through yuntai service system construction process video, at the same time can be within the construction site on yuntai remote control, video monitoring equipment to implement all-weather on construction site, full range no dead Angle real-time monitoring. Four sets of monitoring devices were installed successfully within 110 kv substation project construction the construction site of Wei Ping southeast northwest, southwest, things, four locations. At this point, Wei Ping 110 kv substation project video upload equipment installation is complete, and formally entered the stage of use. “ Digital & throughout; As the defenders of site, but 24 hours on duty, on the one hand, have the effect of monitoring site construction, can effectively promote the construction quality, safety and civilized construction and so on various aspects of management; On the other hand can also be reserved for engineering construction first-hand construction image data. Through the establishment of video monitoring system, dynamic information can be all-round monitoring site construction, realizes the construction site safety and civilized construction of real-time information acquisition, remote transmission and centralized control, greatly improving the efficiency of management. Since the video monitor system running more than month, high-definition, stable, not only can realize monitoring of engineering safety civilization construction situation, also can realize real-time monitoring of project progress, quality, further enhance the scene of the project management level.
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