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Detail decides success or failure of guangzhou intelligent entrance guard wisdom with experience

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
In intelligent era, we can every day and every place of entrance guard system & other; Dealing & throughout; , both in the subway, CheGuan, elevator or building entrance guard. Instead of artificial intelligent traffic management of the product, the intelligent entrance guard today not only need to be safe and reliable protective properties, need more convenient and reliable use experience, can up to this & other; Fast rhythm, high pressure & throughout; Jobs. As a community of intelligent traffic solutions provider, guangzhou intelligent entrance guard on the basis of safety protection, through seven intelligence, humanization design experience, strengthen the entrance guard security properties, optimization of entrance guard, use process make community intelligent entrance guard a smarter, more efficient safety protector. Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard three experience optimization more rapid let self-service through smart phones and smart wear equipment has become the most commonly used tool life management, based on the trend and habits, guangzhou by get through intelligent entrance guard and portable intelligent device, with the most simple way to open the door, fast response time, opening up of the most comprehensive equipment compatible degree, simplifying the door operation link, accelerate the working efficiency of the entrance guard system. On the way to open the door, the intelligent entrance guard in guangzhou you can let residents shake mobile phone to open the door, can also be bound to support NFC communication technology of the bracelets, watches and other equipment, complete the open action within 1 second. On this basis, the guangzhou entrance guard of the smartphone market is also compatible degree increased to 99. 6%, shorten the entrance guard system response time to zero. 5 seconds. The whole control way can save most of the residents to carry the necessity of entrance card, now also catered to people off the side of the road the habit of using intelligent equipment & ndash; — In the community or the door of the corridor, guangzhou can brush originally find entrance card, access control card, access control response time, compressed to the limit. Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard four safety design let users more assured safety protection is the basic attribute, the intelligent entrance guard over the most basic protective function, and further optimize guangzhou together with the present situation of the market and the actual scene, through the most secure encryption method, comprehensive protective materials of products, the most flexible open time control and the most authoritative security testing process, make intelligent entrance guard on the safety, reliability and durability ascend to a higher level. On security encryption, guangzhou with self-developed patent encryption technology, to solve the defect of the traditional IC card easy to crack and copy, to entrance guard system no longer useless; On the reliability design, guangzhou intelligent entrance guard chose anti high temperature, low temperature, rain, dust, transient, under-voltage environment IP65 shell and circuit design, security intelligent entrance guard in a complex environment for a long time & other; Hold position & throughout; ; Use in open distance, guangzhou & other; Throughout the following &; In 1 - Within 10 meters can adjust the open flexible distance, reduce the outsiders & other; Rub the door & throughout; The risk of the community; On this basis, the third research institute of guangzhou intelligent entrance guard also passed the Ministry of Public Security all the test items, has won the acceptance of authority security agencies. Compared with traditional access control, intelligent entrance guard in guangzhou by strengthening material, circuit, function design, the details of the strengthened the access level of security. In the Internet age, no longer limited to success for a product to satisfy the user's core requirements, good user experience, relaxed, pleasant feeling, is the soul of a good product. Nowadays, community, led by guangzhou intelligent entrance guard, intelligent traffic solutions have waving the wings of wisdom, beyond the traditional design, let the community through more safe, convenient and efficient.
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