CZ - X63 fingerprint attendance machine, roll machine is not just that simple

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Fingerprint identification technology in image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, mathematical morphology, wavelet analysis, and many other disciplines. Because every time stamps bearing is not exactly the same, different focus will bring different degree of deformation, and there are many fuzzy fingerprint, how to extract the features and implement correct matching, is the key to fingerprint identification technology. Ze CZ - X63 fingerprint attendance machine with dual authentication, password authentication and fingerprint, fingerprint authentication, password double certification, product can record fingerprint capacity up to 100000, fingerprint storage capacity up to 3000, 128 * 64 LCD monitor, can provide the clock, the information such as name, remind. This product comes with IC card management software, simple operation, compatibility of products at the same time, stable running, rejected rate is low. Attendance machine high safety, no follow-up management fee, this is the biggest advantage of the fingerprint attendance machine.
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