Current situation of the development of mobile NFC dynamic password access control system

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the home more and more rich, so the family security has become the focus of attention, people invented a kind of advanced technology of smart home is very necessary. So we choose to research to solve the problem of imperfect smart home with NFC and adopt new products by Italian Arduino as master controller to control the operation of the various modules, the source code open to the public through self-study made dynamic password to be realized by programming. A: the NFC technology research status quo NFC tag has been applied in our life, in reality, the NFC usually use contact link, and was applied to the rapid matching bluetooth, label information and mobile payments. Two mobile devices such as bluetooth pairing data transmission can be done by touching each other, or using NFC mobile phones and mobile money services in a particular NFC the POS brush calorie of consumption. Distance is very short, lies in the connection by the low power radio frequency identification ( RFID) To connect, two transmission distance is usually a few centimeters of the equipment. With bluetooth, NFC don't need a pairing code, so the power consumption is very low. The current NFC used in entrance guard system is a breakthrough technology. Add dynamic password system is to ensure the safety of the user's family. Second, dynamic password system research idea which mobile NFC entrance guard system consists of five modules: used as a master controller of the Arduino, used for SMS alerts SIM900A module, used for induction of NFC tags NFC shields module, used to display NFC tag information and unlock state 12864 LCD module, used for electromagnetic lock and unlock roar module. System structure diagram as shown in figure 1:3, the working process of the system when using prior written NFC tags near NFC shields module card reader to the induction area, the host controller on the Arduino RX will flicker, indicate that the controller received NFC tag information and put this information compared with preset in the program information, no matter compared to the success of the controller will send the AT command to SIM900A by TX pin module, used to launch SIM900A module. Successful SIM900A module will send characters if information & other; 成功” Failure to the designated mobile phone, if the information is SIM900A module will send characters & throughout; 失败” To the designated mobile phone. By sending text messages to remind the user locks. At the same time with 12864 LCD screen to display the state of entrance guard, card number and information in the card. When the unlock success relay and electromagnetic lock, lock failed roar, will report to the police. Four, the innovation level 1, this system adopts the dynamic password, each system will automatically unlock success production random password, as the next unlock password, 2 way, this system adopts the SMS messages. Unlock correctly or not, as long as someone open the lock, will start the GSM module send lock right or wrong message to the user, allow the user to first understand the lock unlock time and unlock information. To further improve safety. Five, the development prospect of NFC tags can solve many problems in our life, as in the city of loyalty CARDS, entrance card and the birth of public transportation card, when we go out to pack a lot of CARDS, every card wallet bulging, very inconvenient. Mobile NFC function is very good solve the problem, we only need to store card information to the mobile NFC chips in the center, you can use the NFC function instead of IC card. Although at present the domestic many CARDS are using encrypted form, with the popularity of NFC mobile phones, but the future will popularize this technology in China. 吗? In recent years, NFC mobile phones is likely to come into our life, the future NFC mobile phones may support the car keys, which is the car key open code written to a mobile phone, mobile phone NFC function to open the door and started the car. On the other hand, the identity information and train flight electronic ticket will be written to the phone. Six, the conclusion we know that the development of advanced science and technology progress will contribute to society, to create a certain social value and commercial value. This work is no exception, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, the home more and more rich. Natural family security has become the focus of everyone. And a more practical, good dynamic password to fit mobile NFC entrance guard system is easier to get the favour of broad consumer. So we believe that mobile NFC will get better development in the future.
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