Current situation and application analysis of biometric class attendance machine

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Attendance machine is currently one of the greatest use of local biological recognition technology, it is understood that at the moment the class attendance machine mainly include fingerprint attendance machine, vein recognition, iris recognition attendance machine, face recognition attendance machine, etc. Resume attendance attendance machine development is divided into two categories: the first is simple to print class, punching, original record data through the attendance machine directly printed on the card, the card is the original attendance recording time of information, for the first time the user need not do any prior training can be used immediately. The second category is the storage class, punch, the original record data stored within the attendance machine directly, and then through the computer to collect summary, again through the software processing, eventually forming the attendance information needed or queries or print, its rich attendance information flexible, for the first time the user needs to do some training in advance to develop its full function. Is the first generation of plug-in attendance machine, in the 70 s, gradually replaced manual record attendance, he is in a metal card to play regularly on the hole, then with the number of the sensor and optical projection difference, 8086 processor or 80286 processor. But the metal is easy to deformation, caused the identification error. Plus the resolution limit, the attendance machine in the coal mine, thousands of people without widespread promotion. The second generation is attendance machines, bar code in the beam of miner's lamp using principle of optical projection out of a bar code, under the workers well with a miner's lamp irradiation before special attendance probe can check on work attendance. Convenient this way, China's earliest use the attendance machine is under well. But often a miner's lamp, after all, is a kind of working equipment in the bad environment, so the maintenance is frequent, projection of its shape is that everyone's a worrying problem. 。 Type is the third generation of magnetic card attendance machine, now the most common attendance machine, as well under the mine workers on the credit card charge has become everyone's habit is the fourth generation of biological identity attendance machine, is used to identify the biological characteristics, the attendance machine as long as a finger, hand, face on, or to read head can identify the very convenient and can prevent the generation of punch phenomenon, improve the management system of the fifth generation is taking pictures camera roll machine, attendance machine, effectively solve the biometric limitations on the environment and the use of the crowd, smart card management in combination with artificial management can be effectively adapted to the factories, industrial and mining enterprises and other environment. Attendance machine biometric technology application situation analysis fingerprint attendance machine 3 to enter the market 4 years, scale production, test models, retail price from 600 - fingerprint attendance machine 20000 yuan to iris attendance machine tens of thousands of yuan between. Main advantage is that without having to wear the card can put an end to become, no card loss. The disadvantage is that the fingerprint attendance machine more than hundred people, when using processing time several times slower than other clock way. In electrostatic interference at the same time, sweat, finger wear, salt and other stolen goods close to the point of view or not at that time, pressure head is hard to read fingerprints, light person identification efficiency is low, the person that weigh identify failure. Iris attendance machine, on the other hand, is limited by hardware miniaturization and price, its main use is still limited to important areas of entrance guard control, bank vault, insurance ( Rest assured bartender) Boxes and other special areas. And by far the most popular is undoubtedly face recognition attendance machine, intelligent face recognition attendance machine, has been in the domestic high-grade office buildings can be seen everywhere, touched off the attendance of the era of change, because of its unique characteristics, the price is much lower than that of the iris recognition system, so is enterprise's favour, irreplaceable and no copy shows the standings, great for noble iris and fingerprint trend. Face recognition attendance machine working principle: it is based on the identity of the person's facial features information a biometric technology. First with a camera or camera collection contains face images or video stream, and automatically detecting and tracking human face in the image, and then to detect face to face a series of related technologies, including human face image acquisition, face positioning, face recognition preprocessing, memory storage and matching identification, reach the purpose of identifying different identity. Is to face recognition and face recognition attendance system attendance system, and through the facial recognition as one of the elements of attendance management. Iris attendance machine, the iris is located in the eyes of white ring with thin film between sclera and black pupil, presents an by the radial structure of outside introversion, contains a fold and radial groove, fossae, pigment and concentric groove details such as features. Biologists found that although the basic structure of the iris is determined by the intrinsic genetic, but at the beginning of the life, the iris before embryonic development environment for iris unique subtle structure plays a decisive role. Therefore, nature is not exactly the same two iris may come up. Iris attendance machine and other biometric comparison, have uniqueness, stability, non-contact, living. However, the development of the attendance machine did not stop because of biological recognition technology, and higher science and technology will is blended in among them, such as have nascent camera taking pictures attendance machine, attendance machine, they effectively solve the biometric limitations on the environment and the use of the crowd, smart card management and human management, can be effectively adapted to the factories, industrial and mining enterprises and other environment.
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