Company: guangzhou video monitoring security industry pattern of 'Internet +' big view

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
In simple terms, & other; Internet + = Internet XX XX traditional profession industry & throughout; ,“ +” Here is not a simple sum, but into each other, integration of the two. In the words of ma huateng, & other; Internet + & throughout; Is the use of the Internet platform, the Internet and all walks of life, including traditional industries combined, in the new field to create a new kind of ecology. Internet + security, making the security with the Internet, in the new field to create a new ecological, and in the new ecological, allow the emergence of a variety of combination mode. Security + big data in the field of security video monitor, with the advent of the era of high-definition monitor, produced more and more massive video data. Data, security faces three big problem: big data storage, sharing, security. The big data security development also gradually to the traditional security companies have a lot of impact. Security + cloud storage as data carrier and the driving force, the storage system in the big data infrastructure at the heart of the most critical. As security industry, we have seen the development of the large data security is unstoppable, and we need to do is keep on learning, quickly adapt to, and constantly improve, seize the opportunity. Security + O2O electricity mode is O2O & other Online & throughout; An electrical business model, namely Online To Offline, Online to offline) , it is offline business opportunities and the Internet, the Internet become offline trading desk, this concept comes from the United States at the earliest. If the O2O concept is very strange, as long as the mention of group-buying most people can understand and participate in, group purchase is still in a O2O mode is one of the first embodiment. There is no doubt that the era of electricity has entered & other; Burn & throughout; And & other Break into & throughout; Era, with gorgeous and smart mode can only be in the battle of electricity. Billion dollar investment has been commonplace, B2B, B2C, C2C, O2C, E2E, O2O model of electricity use is properly placed, all with their own capital and intelligence frantically to grab their own turf. May last only a few companies will stay, formation of a certain electricity model of oligopoly. Security + IT security enterprise cross-border fusion with other industry & ndash; — Especially IT has considerable strength the power of the manufacturers, to some degree of industrial innovation. With the help of the IT industry in the aspect of cloud computing and cloud storage technology background, the integration of its own security applications and advantages, streaming media technology to provide users with a set of them - from the front The cloud - Application of the whole cloud sharing video, cloud storage, cloud, cloud backup solution. Cross-border trends for security and IT fusion, experts say, security industry itself is a boundary is not clear, your industry and other industries of fusion between mixed is a very good thing, for enterprise is the opportunity, but also a new experience for the users. Smart + security iot as a new economic growth point of the strategic emerging industry, has the good market efficiency. In the Internet of things down big heat, the society an build wisdom city wind: smart home, intelligent transportation, intelligent security & hellip; … Because they are associated with all aspects of people's life actually, thus has received the widespread attention. The intelligent security as wisdom city to its most wide range of technology, but also with a perfect fusion of intelligent household, intelligent transportation and other industries for its & other Spring & other; 。 From biological recognition to video surveillance, intelligent security technology is also quickly across to the process. Especially with China's government and the financial and transportation of peace city in areas such as attention, rising demand for security products, security market is also in the expansion, with the application of security products industry in our country present flowering vigorous scene in all directions. Security industry, thinking decided to the future.
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