Community with face recognition entrance guard home also want to 'the face'

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Recently, the downtown Minneapolis sunshine village installed a new entrance guard system & ndash; — Face recognition entrance guard, owner just & other; Brush the face & throughout; We're, can easily enter the village. Recently, the reporter came to Minneapolis sun village, east gate to see the door with a human face recognition machine, enter the village of owner stood in front of the machine face on the electronic display screen, a camera scans the face after identification, the door will open automatically. “ Later go out don't have to take entrance card. ” Village owner zhang tells a reporter, I always forget to take her to go out and CARDS, and other Now & lsquo; Brush the face & rsquo; Can enter, more convenient. ” According to the plot property manager zhong-hua hu, the use of face recognition entrance guard system, the property management staff will be to collect the information such as the head of household owner, the owner can also download the APP or attention to upload information to the public, & other; After information is audited by the background, the owner when the door system can be automatically identified. ” But the owner worry, introduced into the system, how the guest into village at home? Old people don't use a smart phone? Facial have larger changes can also identify? To this, zhong-hua hu said, every family as long as there is an owner passes through the background audit information, have access to other family members or visitors information uploaded to the system to obtain passes, and set up the pass is valid. “ The system has a triple recognition, face recognition, recognition of nerve, bone recognition, usually as long as facial features obvious, can automatic identification system, but if there are significant changes in facial, may want to upload information. ” What are the advantages of the entrance guard system? “ More intelligent, more secure, can also through the system platform to build a 'wisdom' for the owners of the community life, promote the quality of the community. ” Zhong-hua hu, for example, the system will retain all traffic record owner, & other; Parents can through traffic records, grasp the dynamics of children in the neighborhood, at any time convenient to child controls. ” In addition, if the thief into the plot was found, the staff can be profile pictures uploaded to the system and set the blacklist, when it enter again, the system will automatically alarm. Zhong-hua hu told reporters that at present the entrance guard system is in the area east to pilot, if the system is stable and will be installed in the village all the gate, the community will also be a district of the city's first installation of face recognition entrance guard system.
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