Community different swing gate and entrance guard system fundamental difference analysis

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Community different swing gate and entrance guard system what are the fundamental difference analysis? In the present, village people more and more, the supermarket is becoming more and more prosperous. These two places, therefore, are beginning to use the pendulum brake for the flow of personnel management, and recognition. As a result, a lot of people think, the brake is a product. However, suzhou empty skills of technical personnel, according to the two, is actually different categories, although is brake. Pendulum is brake and supermarkets village gate where is the difference? Pendulum brake application is to give the village community residents free passage, limit personnel into the village, the village to strengthen the safety of the community, because traffic was the village is just for the sake of safety, so the community residents would be very happy to use credit card to use in the form of pendulum brake; Pendulum brake applications mainly have the effect of shunt in the supermarket, the supermarket places of this kind of traffic is bigger, use credit card accepted way is obviously not very realistic, first because it is impossible for stream of one man, one card, 2 it is to pass as the traffic will increase sharply lower efficiency, customer to supermarket is to consume not has been in the security, the main purpose of the supermarket set set brake or at main entrances and exits have the effect of limit per unit time personnel, in the event of an emergency is to do the emergency response ( Limit personnel enter the supermarket, etc. ) 。 Now set brake and overall community supermarket pendulum brake of the main difference is that: plot pendulum brake is intelligent control, the use of identification function of communities in and out of the personnel management, strengthen community safety. Supermarket pendulum brake is a intelligent control, only to guide and channel the crowd, can't accurate control to everyone. This is controlled by two different surroundings. When we choose pendulum brake should be to choose according to their own specific circumstances, it is very important to choose suitable for their own set brake, actually put security gate is not just a brake, three roller gates, wing brake and full high brake, brake block, brake fast-track are good security products, the use of the security gate defend subway, community, supermarket, football and other places of safety, give full play to the role of the product itself. Pendulum is brake and supermarkets village gate where is the difference? Suzhou empty technology and technical personnel for pendulum brake problems, but we all know the difference between the village and supermarket pendulum brake problems. According to different brake machine, the choice of the customer must be careful. After all, only suitable is the best. If you want to install the brake machine, can contact our staff.
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