Common troubleshooting of surveillance camera lens

by:Keyable     2021-08-04
Common fault processing of surveillance camera lens 1. Common fault processing of surveillance camera lens. The high performance of the surveillance system depends on the perfect match of the camera and lens. In the surveillance project, if the user or construction personnel lack professional skills, the camera and lens selection Unreasonable installation will directly affect the overall effect of the system. A few common but easily overlooked problems in the lens installation process are summarized for your reference. 1. The imaging size of the camera and the lens do not match. The imaging size of the lens is larger than the size of the camera chip, and normal imaging can be performed, but the field of view of the lens will be smaller than the nominal field of view; but if the imaging size of the lens is smaller than the size of the camera chip, there will be Vignetting appears. 2. Mismatch between the camera and the lens interface. The mismatch of the interface affects the distance between the second set of points of the lens and the camera chip, and the actual focal length is not the nominal focal length of the lens, resulting in failure to focus. The standard gun camera interface and the lens interface should be C interface or CS interface; C interface lens must be installed on the CS interface camera with an adapter ring; CS interface lens cannot be installed on the C interface camera. The common gun camera interface is usually designed as a CS interface, which can be connected to a CS interface lens or a C interface lens with an adapter ring. 3. Camera and lens iris working drive mode or voltage mismatch. Automatic iris lens is usually divided into DC drive and video drive. The working voltage of the two is not exactly the same. This kind of mismatch will cause the lens iris to not be opened normally, and naturally it will not be possible. Imaging. AVENIRETOKU Seiko technical engineers remind everyone that when using an automatic iris lens, the iris converter on the camera should be set to the side of the nominal drive mode of the lens, and the output voltage of the camera should be within the working voltage of the iris. 4. Connection problem, wrong connection or loose interface, there will be various connections between surveillance camera and lens and monitor (if it is equipment with PTZ and controller, there will be more connections), if these connections are wrong or loose , It will also cause the system to not work normally, here is also reminded everyone to read the equipment manual carefully before installation. 2. The main reasons leading to unclear surveillance images: 1. Electronic signal interference The inside of the camera is a highly integrated system, which is more susceptible to interference from external electronic signals. If the monitoring screen appears to be bounced or striped, it may be that the camera is interfered. Please be careful to keep away from the source of electronic signal interference when installing. 2. The focus is not adjusted clearly. After the lens zoom is adjusted, the focus should be adjusted accordingly. It can be focused clearly within a certain depth of field (sometimes it may be very small). If the focus is not clear, the focus may not be adjusted to the best position. 3. Dirt on the lens Dirt on the lens will directly cause the blur and hazy feeling of the monitoring screen. AVENIRETOKU lens technicians remind everyone that you must be careful not to pinch the ends of the lens with your hands when installing, it is easy to leave fingerprints on the lens. In case the lens is stained with fingerprints or dust, be sure to wipe it with a special wiper, not a paper towel or soft cloth dipped in alcohol (it is easy to destroy the coating on the lens surface). 4. There is a problem with the electronic shutter or white balance setting. When the camera is shipped from the factory, various adjustment devices are generally set to the best default position. If there is no special need, it is best to keep the default setting unchanged when installing. 5. Back focus needs to be adjusted. The so-called back focus (non-flange focal length) refers to the distance from the vertex of the last lens surface to the focal plane. After the zoom is adjusted, the focus is adjusted to the best position and the picture is still not clear (or the telephoto end of the lens is focused clearly and then the zoom is pushed to the wide-angle end to observe whether the picture is clear at the wide-angle end), there may be a rear focus problem. Some cameras (or lenses) are equipped with a back focus adjustment device, and some have the out-of-focus control in a small range at the factory. If there is no back focus device and it is confirmed that there is a back focus problem, you can only repair it and add an adapter. Ring or replace the corresponding product. 6. Insufficient pixels of the camera or the lens itself. The realization of the high performance of the camera depends on the perfect match of the body and the lens. The most important point is the same resolution. If you are using a standard-definition analog camera, even if it is equipped with a million high-definition lens, the displayed picture is still not clear; on the contrary, if it is a normal lens equipped with a high-definition camera, then the megapixels of the camera cannot be reflected. 7. Use a good lens to reduce maintenance costs. In security applications, because the front-end equipment is susceptible to interference from environmental factors such as moisture, vibration, thermal expansion and contraction, after a period of use, it is easy to shift the focus point and cause blurred images. Stability, fast aging and other issues. Therefore, the system maintenance cost should also be considered during project construction. Chengdu Surveillance Installation Conclusion: Although surveillance cameras are not unfamiliar to everyone, there are still many problems that we often overlook in detail. Maybe the size of the lens is not important to you, maybe you think these data can't represent anything, but please remember to understand every accessory of the surveillance system to be able to combine the perfect video image.
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