Common problems existing in the enterprise checkingattendance management and risk analysis

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Attendance is refers to the enterprise through a certain way and inspect the work situation of employees in the work time, going to work, late arrival, including leave vacation, working hours and overtime string of divorces, and so on and so forth. Good attendance management to maintain the normal work order, improve enterprise efficiency, make the staff work conscientiously abide by time and labor discipline, and so on, also able to wage accounting, and workers produce labor dispute, and so on and so forth provide complete evidence available. Stable atmosphere makes in a long time, the management of the state-owned enterprises loose habits and a lack of effective examination mechanism, in the enterprise has formed the lazy work style, the employees lack the sense of responsibility, work optional the gender is big, attendance management loose in the whole enterprise culture also loose down, for the enterprise's work efficiency, labor costs, corporate image has a great influence, has greatly increased the enterprise and employees of labor disputes when the risk of losing. The problems existing in the state-owned enterprise checkingattendance management and risk 1, attendance system is not perfect, not full of the public. The Supreme People's Court on the trial of labor dispute cases explain some issues of applicable law ( Interpretation '[ 2001] 14) Article 19 regulation: unit of choose and employ persons according to 'labor law' the provisions of article 4, through the democratic process, formulate rules and regulations, not in violation of the provisions of national laws, administrative regulations and policies, and has set up a public to laborer, can be used as the basis of the people's court trial of labor dispute cases. If there is no public company attendance system, occurs due to the late arrival absenteeism need to dismiss the employee's legal dispute, the employee on the grounds that the don't know the unit attendance system, so enterprise is a great risk of losing. 2, to the attendance not value, no attendance records. Handwritten clock way have been replaced with attendance machine or network clock, make employee punching and late attendance statistics are more convenient and quick, but some state-owned enterprises for attendance record attendance kept not value, no. Leadership in many state-owned enterprises do not take the attendance management, and even their own can not according to the attendance system attendance on time, cause permeates, employees also do not take the attendance, vicious cycle under leadership cannot be strictly investigate employee attendance. 3, no employee attendance records the signature. Because electronic attendance machine can be acquired to modify or delete the attendance record, staff not personally sign the attendance record at the time of labor dispute in the future are easy to be named as enterprise later falsified records, for the enterprise to increase the trouble. 4 don't strictly for examination and approval of, overtime, leave, and so on and so forth. State-owned enterprises, there are a lot of stable atmosphere in the style of bureaucratic thought, nepotism, languid is lazy, lead to a lot of time to work overtime is dispensable, time & after work can be done but to other By the time & throughout; Ask for leave, many are temporary, optional sex is bigger, lead to overtime cost and attendance is not control, increase the enterprise operating costs. 5, attendance and performance wages. “ Hello & throughout; There exist some employees & other cause for leave, Clock in the morning and evening among slip & throughout; , without a strong supervision mechanism, time failed to combine with real rewards and punishments, causes & other Hello & throughout; Ask for leave a few days and normal attendance of staff salary the same, greatly reduced the normal attendance staff's work enthusiasm. 'Labor dispute mediation arbitration law' regulation: evidence related to the issues before belongs to unit of choose and employ persons grasp management, unit of choose and employ persons should be provided; Unit of choose and employ persons does not provide, shall bear the adverse consequences. Is the cause of most of unit of choose and employ persons and laborer labor dispute appeared on the overtime work such as a matter of time, the attendance record is very important. If the unit normal attendance management is not strict, there is no system of the public and employees in each clock cycle signature confirmation, did not properly kept, staff adhere to the unit to compensate the overtime etc, enterprise at that time took out evidence is likely to bear the adverse consequences of losing.
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