Common problems and solutions in the use of monitoring system

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
Common problems and solutions in the use of the monitoring system The monitoring system can only be used formally after the commissioning stage and the trial operation stage, but during the use process, more or less some failures will occur, such as the system cannot meet the design requirements of the technical indicators A slightly longer overall performance and quality length will lead to unsatisfactory amount of snowflakes, especially for a complex and large-scale monitoring project, which requires professionals to have a certain understanding of common problems to deal with corresponding failures. There are snowflakes in the video picture. This phenomenon is multifaceted. For example, a VGA transmission line is used instead of a general video transmission line. When the VGA line is used as a transmission line, the signal loss will be very large and the length will cause the picture to be snowflakes. It is recommended to use a Chengdu camera. The video screen flickers, usually this situation may also be caused by a problem with the display, but it is usually a wiring problem, such as a problem at the welding head, and there is a poor contact between the camera connector and the video cable connector. Most of the cases are due to time and need to be re-encapsulated. Another case is caused by damage to the line, such as damage to the transmission line due to local construction, or damage to the line due to natural reasons, such as being bitten by a mouse, and crossing the road. Especially easy to be destroyed, which requires attention to the reasonable and safe arrangement of the Chengdu camera during the construction.
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