Common faults and troubleshooting of access control systems

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
Common faults of access control system and troubleshooting Four troubleshooting methods for access control system faults 1. Software testing method 1. Detection method: start the management software, enter the main console to select the door, click on the detection controller, the software operation information will prompt the related fault, then The Chengdu access control system can be processed according to relevant information. 2. Real-time monitoring method: master console-real-time monitoring, real-time monitoring corresponding to the corresponding card swiping indicator light to facilitate the detection of the failure of the card does not open the door. 3. Search .net method: basic settings-controller-search .net, which helps to find the communication failure of the TCP/IP controller. The corresponding communication indicator is helpful to find the communication failure. Please turn off the firewall! Four troubleshooting methods for Chengdu access control system failures II. Hardware indicator method 1. When power is on, we can look at the power indicator POWER and the CPU indicator light to flicker to determine whether the controller is working. 2. When swiping the card, we can look at the card light to judge whether there is card reading data transmitted to the controller. 3. Press the exit button, we can check whether the relay indicator light clicks, and judge whether the controller relay output is normal. 4. Look at the TX and RX lights during communication. The TCP controller Rx (Link) light is always on, indicating that there is no problem with the wiring. The Tx light flashes to indicate that it is communicating. 5. If the err light flashes, it means that the controller is malfunctioning, and the detailed information can be obtained in the software test. 6. The video controller can also look at the power indicator, whether the Rj45 port indicator flashes alternately during ping. 7. Whether the 485 active converter flickers can judge whether the computer has data transmission. Four troubleshooting methods for access control system failures III. Replacement elimination method 1. Equipment replacement method: This can only be used for reference, and cannot be completely determined, because if it is caused by a certain environment or factor, it may not appear immediately, just like humans. Chronic diseases have an incubation period. After a period of time, problems will also occur. If the equipment that is suspected of being defective is replaced, there is no problem in separate testing. This may be an environmental interference problem such as wiring. You should actively continue to find the source of the fault. 2. Computer replacement method: It can be judged whether it is the client's computer or operating system environment, virus problem, serial port output or incorrect settings. 3. Database and software replacement method: For example, failure to extract records or upload settings, failure to generate reports, etc., you can use another brand new database or software to determine the scope of the problem. Four troubleshooting methods for Chengdu access control system failures IV. Separation and elimination methods 1. With access control controller as the core, many controlled devices can be connected, and the quality parameters and performance of external devices are uneven, and there may be interference when they are compatible. The resulting phenomenon is also strange, such as the controller restarts, the ERR light flashes, and the door opens and closes abnormally. You can separate the external device to see if it is normal, and then load each external device one by one, and load a test to see what is loaded Caused by this failure, such as three roller gates, barriers, electric bells, elevators, automatic doors, and various alarm devices connected to the expansion board, all may be sources of interference. The solution is to install a weak current isolator in the Chengdu access control system. 2. 485 communication mode, a system has 8 controllers, you can consider disconnecting the next 4 controllers first, and then disconnecting the remaining 4 controllers to narrow the search range, or disconnect from the second controller first. Connect the following links to the communication line one by one, and see which one will not work. 3. The TCP controller uses the conventional method to connect to the customer's network normally. It can be separated from the customer's network and tested with an independent switch. OK, then seek the support of Party A's network management to see if other network authentication restrictions are enabled for the Chengdu access control system.
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