China blue ocean qualcomm introduction to intelligent entrance guard is ignored

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
Entrance guard, for everybody, might be a common myth, as long as strong and durable, can meet the needs of basic, pure physical security of the products, and how with intelligent links? Intelligent, out of the entrance guard product error. In recent years, the entrance guard products market has been tepid, everybody thought, security requirements of access control products as long as to ensure the most basic, update of access control technology, is not so important. Actually otherwise, with the development of the Internet of things technology, through technical iteration and the increasing user demand, the traditional physical access control has been difficult to meet the market demand, the intelligent entrance guard, to adapt to the complex application environment now, diversity of customer needs. Entrance guard in addition to physical protection, interactive, scalable, big data, become a door industry trends, intelligent entrance guard arises at the historic moment. From the application level, in finance, transportation, commercial office buildings, government units, large group company, real estate, hotels, education, home industries such as project demand for intelligent entrance guard system has high heat. Just need intelligent has become a entrance guard system. Experience, the core of the intelligent entrance guard. The application of the intelligent entrance guard, although the sense of science and technology, intelligent, may feel that consumer groups of young people in the pursuit of novelty, but in fact, the end user of the intelligent entrance guard, but essentially concentrated in the middle-aged and old people. Middle-aged and old group for the attention of the security degree, far more than young people. But the iris and fingerprint biotechnology type intelligent entrance guard, for middle-aged and old group, and too much front, are reluctant to accept the new things. And widely popular electronic display intelligent entrance guard system, more elderly group preference. However, when various technical grafting with entrance guard, terminal customers for the product experience, more attention. Mutual communication with people, speaking, reading and writing equipment, experiential touch key, multi-function voice recognition applications, such as highly sought after. In view of the man-machine interface dialogue experience high point, qualcomm China launched the intelligent entrance guard text display solutions, using DFN82x3 micro encapsulation; Support gb GB18030 standard word stock, contains 27484 traditional Chinese characters, Jane is compatible with UNICODE, and built-in Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German and Arabic 180 multiple languages, such as powerful function, type of professional beauty, is a good way to support the intelligent entrance guard manufacturers developing overseas markets; Chip built-in 64 k can write LOGO and image storage space for the manufacturer. Support font size transform function, optimize the interface display and function of intelligent entrance guard, make intelligent entrance guard products, more suitable for the elderly group, make intelligent entrance guard terminal customers, have a better user experience. The Internet of things, intelligent entrance guard industry direction in the future. The existence of the Internet of things technology, in order to promote technological innovation, efficiency and upgrading people experience, will the Internet of things technology integration with basic hardware facilities, has become a breakthrough point of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2016, security products output value reached 180 billion, of which entrance guard, access, smart lock proportion of output value reached 12% - - - - - - This year, 14%, is expected to break through the billions of the size of the market. In the field of intelligent entrance guard this subdivision, predictably, the future will have more access control products with large data, the function such as cloud computing, as a real application of Internet technology, customer requirements under different environment, the diversified development trend. As the depth of the Internet of things technology in the application of all walks of life are to innovate, implement cross-border integration, intelligent entrance guard of the market will be the next blue ocean.
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