'Chengdu Access Control System' monitors which parts of the access control security system

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
What parts of the monitoring access control security system consist of community visitor visual intercom access control system, monitoring system, alarm system, security patrol system, public address and background music system, parking lot management system, elevator access control system, etc. Some large-scale smart communities in Chengdu access control system also include electronic bulletin board display systems. The alarm system includes: infrared beaming alarm on the perimeter of the community, home gas leak alarm, home burglar alarm, and home elderly care emergency help alarm system, etc. Parking lot management system refers to: automatic gate opening by image recognition of entrances and exits of communities or buildings, automatic billing system, automatic statistics and display of remaining parking spaces, and automatic parking system of three-dimensional parking buildings. The access control card swiping system refers to the card swiping system at the entrance of a community or building, the card swiping at the door of the room, and the high-end residential elevator swiping card access authorization system in Chengdu. The monitoring system includes: community or road public place monitoring, home remote anti-theft monitoring, etc. The public broadcasting system includes: community or building background music and fire protection broadcasting, campus automatic ringing and conference broadcasting, multimedia conference and large-screen LCD picture-in-picture display system. With the rapid development of computer information technology, many previous independent systems are now beginning to be integrated into broadband network control. The wiring is also greatly simplified. As long as a network cable is in place for each subsystem, the control and data information required by the subsystem can be transmitted to the control center through the network, realizing a truly intelligent Chengdu access control system. The humanized residence and living environment is the product of the development of the times. An intelligent community that fully embodies 'people-oriented' and realizes intelligent management and humanized and informationized services. The core and prerequisite for its technical realization is network and system integration. Only through network and system integration, can the interconnection and information sharing of various systems be realized, the efficient and economic operation of equipment can be realized, and the real intelligent and information management of the community can be realized. The weak current system of the intelligent community adopts technologies and products with reliable performance, mature technology, complete functions and high cost-effectiveness, so that the intelligent system of the entire community is integrated to facilitate future system maintenance and management; to ensure that the system has a good standard. , Openness, integration, security, scalability, the standards are selected from the latest international standards, national standards, industrial and industry standards Chengdu access control system.
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