Chengdu access control system according to the design principle

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
The Chengdu access control system is based on the design principle 1. All-in-one (the controller comes with a card reader), the disadvantage of this design is that the controller must be installed outside the door, so part of the control line must be exposed outside the door, and insiders can easily open the door without a card or password. 2. This type of system controller with a separate controller and card reader (identifier) u200bu200bis installed indoors, and only the card reader input line is exposed outdoors, all other control lines are indoors, and the card reader transmits digital signals. Therefore, no one can enter the door without a valid card or password. This type of system should be the first choice for users in Chengdu access control system. The access control system in Chengdu is based on the communication method 1. Non-networked access control, that is, stand-alone control access control, is that one machine manages one door, and it cannot be controlled by computer software, nor can it be viewed and recorded, but directly controlled by the controller. It is characterized by cheap price, simple installation and maintenance, no record checking, not suitable for places with more than 50 people or frequent turnover (referring to frequent entry and departure), and also not suitable for projects with more than 5 doors. 2. 485 networked access control is a type of access control that can communicate with a computer, directly using software for management, including card and event control. Therefore, it has convenient management, centralized control, can view records, and analyze and process records for other purposes. The characteristic is that the price is relatively high, the installation and maintenance are more difficult, but the training is simple, and value-added services such as attendance can be provided. It is suitable for projects with many people, high mobility and many doors. 3. TCP/IP network access control, also called Ethernet network access control, is also an access control system that can be networked, but the computer and the controller are networked through a network cable. In addition to all the advantages of 485 access control networking, it also has faster speed, simpler installation, larger number of networks, and cross-regional or cross-city networking. However, there are high equipment prices and knowledge of computer networks is required. It is suitable for installation in Chengdu access control system in large projects, large numbers of people, speed requirements, and cross-regional projects.
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