Channel brake system in the maintenance method of wing valve shut?

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Wing gate embargo with the demand we seriously stop in the process of care and maintenance regularly, especially in the summer. In the summer, because the climate is dry, the temperature has risen sharply, day and night temperature difference significantly, with use of climate change, in the process of how to sample to stop wing wing brake and brake maintenance? Wing gate ban maintain paint some cannot be effectively cut off in the summer corrosive air into the wing brake internal appearance, appearance material will absorb the moisture in high humidity in the air, the external steel corrosion and peeling. Maintenance - wing gate Case the contraction coefficient of steel at high temperatures at will by significantly, at this time we can to wing gate is forbidden to stop some simple wing brake maintenance. Use maintenance wax or specially detergent evenly coated in wing gate the appearance, then quietly scrub to stick to its luster and moistureproof, while in a hot climate, try not to use dishcloth to clean with water directly, the eradication of entrance guard outside moisture from time to time and prevent together in clean when using caustic cleaning supplies, constitute external maintenance paint foaming, left wing valve rust. Do as much as possible to protect brake machine normal operation in the clean and dry environment, it is best to stop brake fast-track add other equipment on board, in order to avoid attacks happened to present safe accident, make sure that the brake machine's normal safe operation. Maintenance - wing gate Stopwatch article wing brake can be likened to the heart of the machine and must be carefully maintained. In once a month for a wing brake maintenance operations, the detection power after open chassis cleaning dust, had some stop cleaning and oiling can drive. View the fastener is loose, will loose fastener tighten from scratch and view the wearing parts wear condition. Wing brake circuit maintains the electronic local whether there is a problem, there is no problem, then check the power supply can have exposed to bandage, wire and arrange them, find the problem of the source. Above is the wing gate is forbidden in the summer of some knowledge, maintenance and maintenance needs to purchase wing brake products can click on the wing brake parameter function to check the detailed information.
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