CCTV focus police face recognition technology

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
In recent years, the technology application in the field of military, public safety by attaches great importance to the national level. Electric group made of chengdu company relying on the hatch at the university of electronic science and technology and technological achievements under the support of the public security department of zhejiang province, with the well-known domestic brands with geely automobile cooperation, research and development production of a new generation of China's smart car, with the world's leading advanced technology to allow reporters. Back in 2016, university of electronic science and technology in the public security police vehicle system on research and development and innovation of informatization equipment performance is outstanding, has attracted a lot of attention. Especially in the research and development face recognition, anti-fake base stations, such as intelligent police vehicles, is China's first. On January 7, 2017, CCTV their visit to entered the university of electronic science and technology, intelligent police vehicles to China's first human face recognition with the real vehicle tests. Police car research and development of China's first face recognition intelligence, CCTV's thumb up in support of zhejiang province public security department cooperate with geely automobile research and development production is a set of six highly coordinated control motors and other intelligent system; The police car & throughout; , the car intelligent recognition system of vehicle around 120 meters within the scope of the personnel to locate and track facial automatically, just a second, can rapid contrast screening in the personnel information database, accurate display personnel details, realize the fast face recognition and alarm. In the interview process, public security technology research center, university of electronic science and technology, professor Yin demonstrates to us face recognition police high-tech performance, and said: & other; Walking in the crowd, as long as the police car scanning lens 3/4 side face, the police can give accurate recognition, and quickly than in the database for staff. ” Not only that, but face intelligent identification system, but can also identify the license plate and vehicle type information, is a set of independent thinking and learning ability of the intelligent mobile platform for law enforcement. For a country of 1. 3 billion people, the emergence of it for the police to crack down on criminals and protect public safety plays a very important role. China in 2016, hangzhou at the G20 summit, the first intelligent car is equipped with facial recognition technology, excellent complete security tasks in the summit, in line with international standards for the summit member of intelligent security services, acclaimed. Electric group, lead China into the era of intelligent police car this super car is currently the only public security based on the actual needs of the business custom research and development of a and electrical control, wireless communication, intelligence analysis, information collection and so on the integration of the smart car. CCTV reported that the police car era unfolds is super smart, joint geely university of electronic science and technology research and development production of the police cars of all the legendary weapons of China is so strong, because it links to a set of data system, the data system of smart car brain, coupled with the unique wisdom eye, let criminals around you have nowhere to go. Familiar with the daily life and abstract data system, in the wisdom of the future city tightly linked together. Seemingly advanced knowledge of science and technology, under the scientific researchers constantly study hard, more and more near to us. The President of the university of electronic science and technology, member of both houses yan-rong li said on CCTV reporter interview & other; From common people is very close to science and technology, science and technology make people's lives better, to make people more secure, happiness index is higher, more have a bright future. Most of the science and technology research, should be combined and the study of people's life, solve their practical problems. As long as such at the edge of the cross-border cross innovation, there may be some big or disruptive innovation & throughout; The inverse pseudo base station, the dynamic control is integrated in the intelligent car, car recognition analysis, telecom detection, anti-terrorism ChuTu fast response, it's not science fiction, the CCTV 1 the police car at the university of electronic science and technology intelligence reports for up to 5 minutes, CCTV evaluation: science fiction into reality, if one day a car after you tell your wallet was stolen, please don't panic.
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