Canteens canteen machine what brand is good? How to choose the right canteen machine

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Canteens canteen machine, also known as the dining room card slot, canteen meal card machine, etc. , is a kind of consumption by IC card machine. This machine mainly in some places such as schools, factories, food court. University now basically is to use this kind of IC card in the dining room of the nature of consumer machines, as we often say that inside the campus id or business id have a canteen brush calorie of consumption function. Use the canteen canteen machine can bring what benefit to the enterprise or the dining room? First well solve the problems are caused by the traditional meal ticket, at the same time can also be very good avoid vouchers are fake, is missing, to eliminate the canteen welfare outflow, germs cross infection, such as defects, implement the financial nissin monthly statement. The use and promotion of canteen machine to promote logistics modernization reform has played a huge role in promoting. Dining room to the main composition of canteen machine system is divided into five parts: the canteen meal sale machine, card machine ( Top-up machine) , com, IC card, smart consumption of management software. 1, the meal card machine can be connected to the Internet use, also can be used offline; There are simple and easy, automatic, calculate three kinds of consumption patterns, can inquire the total consumption. 2, the reader can read card, card, card top-up and card report the loss. 3, com meal card machine and computer can achieve remote data transmission. So, the dining room and the factory want to buy a new canteen machine should be how to choose and buy? 1. The word of mouth. A product's quality is good or bad, can directly can be reflected from the mouth. Good quality canteen machine, will certainly get good word of mouth effect. If you are not sure you should choose which kind of canteen machine, can be in cafeteria or other factories to look at himself in the city, which is used by others a canteen machine, use effect how? 2, whether product after-sales service is perfect. Whether it's dining room or other canteen machine users, good after-sales service is bound to give yourself the future business to reduce a lot of trouble. Once, after all, their own cafeteria this device after the problem, to be able to ensure timely solve, do not affect the normal work of the daily. 3, look at the size of the factory itself. A small manufacturer may not better than, a big dining room canteen machine, whether the control on the quality of products, or the control of product cost. Canteen machine on the market now there are many kinds of, if you don't know how to choose to suit oneself enterprise development canteen machine, you can through the website of the relevant contact information consulting us, we will provide the most professional service for you.
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