Canteens canteen machine commonly used consumption patterns

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Canteens canteen machine appear largely reduces the canteen management personnel management difficulty, also reduces the operating canteen basic expenses. But said the emergence of the dining room canteen machine are operators of the dining hall of the Gospel. Canteens canteen machine in the process of actual use, the most commonly used there will be a fixed number of consumer consumption patterns. This way of consumption is simple, convenient, fast. Master without rice or swipe on the canteen machine operation, only need to put the card near the canteen machine will automatically deduct a certain amount. The canteen machine a fixed consumption, maximum tube 200 card to eat. This pattern is more suitable for factories, dining room and the dining hall. Freedom of consumption, the nature is literally a credit card consumption, for example, the first card want to eat the food of 8 yuan, is in the canteen machine click & other; 8' The key, then a credit card. The second card want to eat the food of 12 yuan, is in the canteen machine, in turn, press & other; 1' And & other 2' The key, then a credit card. This card mode slower, but for selective more dishes, vegetables practical large difference of the canteen. General application of large-scale enterprise leadership small dining room. Few would consumption, the consumption pattern. It is only the effect of a count, record every how many people came to the canteen to eat meal. Commonly used in government dining room. Time consumption, the consumption pattern also in much. The number of records within a certain time to eat, is commonly used in government dining room.
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