Canon or launch a applicable to security monitoring of the image sensor

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
According to the latest entrance guard system security company in guangzhou a few days ago, the Canon of the company's products and solutions, according to a product information has a core image sensor could be used for security monitoring field. Because in the consumer such as mobile phones, cameras, and other fields, 500 w of CMOS image sensor is no market, and in the field of security monitoring, so that the pixel belongs to the category of the hd monitor. Canon or launch a applicable to security monitoring of the image sensor 5 million CMOS image sensor which two-thirds the size of the image sensor is & rsquo; ’ CMOS, effective pixels 2592 hx2056v ( About 5. 3M) , the biggest frame rate is 120 TPS, global electronic shutter function, the power consumption of 500 mw ( 60 fps) 。 Can the undistorted image as the objects move quickly captured, performed well in terms of noise reduction, wide dynamic. From public parameter analysis, the 500 wcmos image sensor is likely to be Canon into the key of security monitoring. In the field of monitoring, Canon has its own front hardware devices, plus the 2015 acquisition of global well-known network camera equipment ShangAn dispatch, Canon in video monitoring layout, although a bit slow, but also be in accordance with the procedures. In fact, with the 500 wcmos image sensor, CMOS image sensor and a FHD220w, but considering the size 35 mm is too big, not suitable for the movement of the layout on the front end cameras. In between 200 w and 700 w high definition cameras are being used in a lot of public security and traffic areas. Security monitoring image sensor market have how old? According to overseas media reported BCC: in Beijing, video surveillance equipment has hundred covers every corner of the city streets, the Chinese government wants to put the efforts to promote in the country. Predicts 2020, the whole of China within the scope of 24-hour monitoring of all the main streets. According to incomplete statistics, since 2004, after two rounds of science and technology strong police demonstration city construction and the 3111 peace of city construction, the public security organs established provincial video image monitoring management platform, 21, 410000 sets of network monitoring camera; Construction permit video monitoring image 332 platform, 630000 sets of network monitoring camera. In the social public security video monitoring system construction investment has been billions, and thus bringing security industry to the rapid development of more than 10% a year. Many hard policy request of incremental market and stock market, industry inevitably brought surveillance cameras long-term demand, coupled with the outbreak of the civil and consumer market, with w - 130 300 w between home video & amp; Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a huge increment of the market. In the face of such a huge market demand, can provide only a few of the CMOS image sensor manufacturer in high-end, in addition to SONY, panasonic and Taiwan minority enterprises, domestic manufacturers to provide more low-end CMOS image sensor is given priority to, for this kind of predicament, mainly is the CMOS image sensor research and development and production of the difficulty is too big. Some brand of CMOS image sensor production workshop because the Japanese earthquake cause out of stock, make the brand in the domestic related the price of CMOS image sensor from 30 yuan rose to 70 yuan, it is enough to prove CMOS image sensor market space and profit is so attractive. Canon launched the 500 w non-mainstream CMOS image sensor, embarrassed is that it does not conform to the public security user demands for 200 w monitoring pixels of the mainstream, also does not meet the demand of the mainstream of the transportation sector. Because of the high transportation demand for monitoring the width, so is more 700 w hd monitor. Could supposedly Canon to open when you go to shenzhen this batch of small and medium-sized monitoring equipment in the high-end. Because SONY CMOS image sensor is very mature, two main STARVISCMOS image sensor is in the industry has a stunning performance, won the recognition of mainstream equipment suppliers. Canon is really want to get into monitoring CMOS image sensor, combining with its own brand surveillance cameras in industry application, can pay attention to its subsequent product.
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