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Buildings should be reasonable

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Recently, who lives in huhhot yuquan district community residents to our reporter reflects meihua, recent plot to add bluetooth entrance guard system, need owner to pay for entrance card. Not the owner of parking fee standards, however, are higher than a car owners. Installed entrance guard system, to strengthen public security management, to prevent the case happened is good. But as a business behavior, the installation of the entrance guard system will inevitably involves the public interest distribution, etc. To matters such as charge really well, its premise is to must have good public opinion. In the entrance guard system on the basis of scientific reasoning, it is necessary to implement democratic autonomy and self-management, widely listen to public opinion, the market offer intelligence. Further, because involves the problem such as cost, follow-up, charging of entrance guard system, but must clarify two things: one is how much is the charge standard, how; The second is how to strengthen the management after fees, how clear responsibility. Only the clear and understand all of these problems, and the consent of most owners, access fees to reach a consensus, get the owner's approval, so as to understand each other, support and cooperate with the work. In airing, introductions, of course, in the process of public opinion, is bound to have all kinds of challenges from the part of the owners even against, especially met the owner cannot agree, property company shall, in conjunction with the village industry play a positive role, take out the dominant opinion, again by patient and meticulous ideological work, try your best to unify the owner's advice. In fact, as long as the & other; For the owner, the owner, benefit owners & throughout; Tenet to implement and to protect the owners' right to know, to participate and supervision, we will be able to do, including access fees, community management, truly achieve the orderly and harmonious development.
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