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【 Brake factory house 】 The use of the three roll brake note parsing

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
In the current many factories, community, scenic areas, enterprises and institutions, etc. As long as there is a lot of people, then it must be the need for controls, is not just for the sake of channel flow, but also for personnel in and out of control or the staff attendance and so on. And this, just need an entrance guard gate to cooperate. Today, in view of the three roll gate entrance guard gate, we take a look at suzhou empty technology technical personnel is how to say. Take a look at exactly how to use it. Hope will be helpful to you. 【 Brake factory house 】 The use of three roller gates notice resolution 1) To ensure that the equipment working properly before put into use; 2) Traffic during the reading card, before the traffic light is not into a green arrow, it is strictly prohibited to squeeze, rely on, push the brake lever, so as not to affect the normal operation of equipment; 3) Equipment when not used, it is forbidden to sit, firm pressure on the brake lever, lest cause unnecessary damage to the brake machine; 4) Suggest don't use the equipment directly in the open air, wet or corrosive environment, in order to avoid because of the rain, moisture or corrosion, impact equipment service life ( If you used outdoors, you must add awnings rainproof facilities etc. ) ; 5) In traffic, traffic just gently push the brake lever, it is strictly prohibited in the process of traffic strong push switch lever operation. Note: 1) Have strong lightning when the weather is best not to use, so as not to damage the gate of the main control system; 2) Should ensure that system reliability grounded to prevent harm the personal safety accident from happening. Three roll gate machine instructions. For application of three roller gates, a lot of customers after the installation, no maintenance, and is a whole day's run, therefore, three roller gates also it is easy to fail. And through the introduction of the above, we may also know about the use of three roller brake problems. So, if you need to brake machine, brake machine maintenance problems, or want to know, you can through the website of relevant contact information.
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