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Brake and the difference between the three roll gate

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Application field in the current brake machine, three roller gates, swing gates, is a great difference between the two gate. But, for many customers, in addition to understand the three roll brake is single passage, swing gate is very popular people, of all the other things is not very understanding. So today, according to the difference between three roller gates and pendulum brake problem, we take a look at suzhou empty skill technical personnel to introduce below. Hope to be able to brake machine to choose to bring some help to you. Pendulum is brake and the difference between the three roll gate lock mainly aimed at the intelligent management of the personnel passage of high-tech product, are three roller brake upgrade smart products. Is mainly applied to the district or school, factories, for staff, import ride a bike or electric, motorcycle, such as the need to control. Suzhou empty skill set brake fine processing, complete functions, high grade and the pendulum brake equipment is made of stainless steel plate stamping forming, appearance modelling beautiful generous, anti-rust, durable, and foreign with a standard electrical interface, pendulum brake can easily will magnetic card, barcode card, ID card, IC card reader integration on the equipment, through selecting various identification system equipment and the reliable performance of safety protection device, alarm device, directions, etc. , through the pendulum brake coordination to channel intelligent control and management for staff and civilized, orderly traffic, pendulum brake at the same time to put an end to illegal access; In case of emergency, guarantee the channel unobstructed, convenient personnel evacuation in time. Three roller brake is smooth way of modern control equipment, used for personnel, need to control the import, for those in orderly way of civilization, put an end to illegal access. Such as intelligent village, convention and exhibition, hall, dining hall, hotel, museum, gym, club, subway, station, wharf and other places. Three roller gates and smart card, such as fingerprints, bar code identification system used in combination, constituted the intelligent entrance guard channel control system; It and computer systems, access control, attendance, charge management, tickets and other software used in combination, will constitute a comprehensive control system, intelligent channel gate can realize the entrance guard, attendance, consumption, ticketing, current limiting, and other functions. Generally three roll gate shape using domestic materials ( No. 304) Stainless steel plate stamping forming, modelling beautiful generous, anti-rust, durable and can withstand external force damage. Rectangular case with channel can be composed of brake lever, and quickly in an emergency control rod or leave. Three roll brake can be divided into fully automatic three roller gates, semi-automatic three roller gates, three roller mechanical brake. Its constituent departments include: chassis, machine core, drive plate, motor, the direction of the dashboard, entrance guard control department, and equipped with counter and so on. Brake and the difference between the three roll gate. The above is our technicians for suzhou empty skill set brake and the difference between the three roll gate to make a specific introduction. Although the pendulum brake and the difference between the three roll gate we all understand. But, the choice of the brake machine, still need according to the actual situation to decide. Is not only the needs of customers, more environmental requirements. So, if you need to brake machine, can dial the hotline: 0512 - 88822219, our staff will give you professional solutions.
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