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Biometric VS entrance card

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
What is called, the Yangtze river after the waves steady, biometric the heat will shoot a entrance card dead on the beach? I take you of biometrics and entrance card & other; Enmity & throughout; 。 Biometric you must be not strange, it exists in your face, your eyes, your fingerprints, these techniques can eliminate common fraudsters using password theft, but if the base information stolen, impact is immeasurable, equivalent to this world have a with you the same people doing things you completely unaware of, steal your identity. Do you have thoughts on fear at the thought of this very? And under the condition of large factory rush hour, face recognition is required to the stability of the target, biometric takes longer than one cartoon time, this will lead to the low operating efficiency. Biological recognition at the same time, as the most promising areas, business prospects are widely used in real life, such as access control, attendance system, payment, etc are application of the technology. But one cartoon market after traditional manufacturers for many years of precipitation is not fuel-efficient lamp, on the one hand, its security is higher, the portable installation, users to a large number of cases in the crowd can maintain efficient operation. Entrance card on the other hand there are easy to copy, easy to crack the safe hidden trouble, ordinary village of ID card, with the replicator can easily get another card, just like with the key, and even encrypt the MI card, as early as 2008 was declared to be cracked. So traditional entrance card manufacturers are faced with the strength of the new brand to enter the new industry, coupled with the third party service and operation dynamic emerging security service industry development, the traditional access control in hot water enterprises are facing the intelligent, transformation is the way of existence. In the face & other; Internet + & throughout; Intelligent, Internet, mobile, under the challenge of access control technology innovation, entrance guard system has entered an unprecedented transition. For this purpose, the entrance guard card market technically, dominated by mobile application, is a blend of biological recognition technology, concepts into the innovation, makes the intelligent entrance guard system. Today, is mainly applied in intelligent office system, smart home, intelligent community, about the video entrance guard, intelligent building, etc. To do better in this field intelligent control, active control of wisdom in thousands of new entrance guard system data ranks the third place, as shown in the face of these opportunities, as a traditional manufacturer of central intelligence, from product, industrial layout, the traditional access control and the Internet to fusion, there have been many successful application cases. In the last two years, for example, an in-process wisdom has biological recognition technology with the mobile Internet, it was successfully used in some entrance guard card project. Research and development of C5 series and InBio5 door series products, is the central intelligence technology application in access control market leading the best proof. To sum up, traditional door manufacturers can play its technical core hardware products and design and production capacity, coupled with the mobile Internet, customer demand for different application environment, meet the demand of social development, fields. it fusion, traditional access control enterprise reform is imperative. In the future, as & other; Internet + & throughout; The development of Internet, mobile intelligent technology, entrance guard the front end of the acquisition unit will rise to mobile data processing analysis & other Cloud & throughout; End, will open cloud era of entrance guard. When all kinds of IT technology, mobile phone technology began to achieve more and integrated access products, users will have on the product experience will be more attention. Another entrance guard reading head design on the function and concept are integrated security interactive features, such as integration of intercom, man-machine interface, the clock display, such as wireless communication applications. With the development of Internet technology, access control and attendance and the fusion of Internet technology has become the industry's future development trend.
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