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Biometric technology monitoring multiple entrance guard system trend

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
With the application of artificial intelligence, biological recognition technology gradually fall to the ground. Because of different biometric have different length, it is hard to have a kind of biological recognition technology & lsquo; Winner-take-all & rsquo; , multiple combinations of biometrics is the future development trend. At the beginning of the year & other; Alpha dog & throughout; Man-machine game victory to detonate the boom continues to this day, this mysterious player & other; 大师” And artificial intelligence to a climax. Each big Internet giant layout of artificial intelligence, intelligence, wisdom, two words gradually integrated into the transportation, medical care, household and other various industries. The biological recognition as an important & other ground application of artificial intelligence; Engine & throughout; In the artificial intelligence in the process of accelerated climbing, will play what role? Iresearch believe that the development of artificial intelligence can be divided into three stages: total computational intelligence, intelligent perception, cognitive intelligence, and the current artificial intelligence has entered the stage of perception & ndash; — Let the machine understand our language, understand the world of all things. While perceived intelligence depends on data access technology, biological recognition obviously will play an irreplaceable role in this process. With the accumulation of data and algorithm optimization, artificial intelligence will expand to more application fields, biometric market will become truly fall to the ground, artificial intelligence industry beachhead. According to prospective industry research institute 'China biological recognition technology industry market research and investment analysis report, according to the fingerprint identification with 10. The rate of growth of 4% in the field of consumption quickly occupy 91%. Iris recognition technology market share will be increased from the original 7% to 16% in 2020, the compound average annual growth rate of more than 36%. Voiceprint recognition technology will also be mature before 2030. Among them, the fingerprint identification technology has been in attendance, entrance guard, mobile payment industry achieved good application effect. Is expected in 2016 China fingerprint sensors for smart phone shipments will achieve double growth, breakthrough 1. 200 million. Compared with the fingerprint identification, face recognition is the most important advantage lies in the recognition distance, because the face recognition technology is mainly based on the analysis of collected images, this means that there is almost no distance limit, also can't be identified object perception, makes face recognition is widely application scenario. Data show that in recent years, our country face recognition the size of the market average annual compound growth rate of 15. 9% over the same period, the size of the market in our country accounts for about 10% of global market. So many means of identification, which one of the most safety? In fact, any biometric identification system or method has the potential to go wrong. On the system identification precision of the given objective and accurate assessment is a very complicated problem, it is the number of test samples, quality, the influence of such factors as the evaluation index, but the application of the unit and the justice department is a focus problem. So biometric identification method of performance evaluation has become an important direction of the biometric identification study. For authentication system 1:1 ratio, mistakes have two situations: one is to put the different biometric identification for the same class, called the error received; Another possibility is to put the same person of biometrics to different classes, called the wrong to refuse. In order to make the biological recognition technology has been applied in requiring higher security, in addition to the algorithm design, to protect the security of the system itself, improve's ability to resist various attacks is also very important. In order to improve the safety degree of the recognition system, the characteristics of biometric data, templates, and the application to encryption, digital signatures, and add a timestamp method is a feasible research direction. Overall, fingerprints, easy to brush a face, but can be replicated, iris recognition accuracy but lack of convenience. From the long-term view, it is hard to have a kind of biological recognition technology & lsquo; Winner-take-all & rsquo; 。 Biometric each have different length, multiple combinations of biometrics is the future development trend. The expert points out, the future application, a variety of biological recognition technology will keep safety door.
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