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Beijing to anchorman machine will show the deductions amount at a time

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
On December 28, Beijing rail transit operation lines will grow to 18, operational station will be increased to 318. At that time, 14835 ( Set) All kinds of devices will be in accordance with the new vote per fare system operation. Passengers when travelling time processing lines can be clear at a glance & ndash; — Brush card outbound, brake machine will display card balance and the actual price. Rail transit command center yesterday, Beijing, December 27, is expected to night, the city will have four famous traffic guide in the process of cutting staff involved in the system, is expected to take about six or seven hours. On-orbit refers to the testing center, director of the center for Feng Xin CDH work platform, all kinds of anchorman machine, self-service machines covered almost the whole of space, staff 351 groups nervous debugging. Almost no one to talk in the room, the only sound is the brake machine & occasionally a prompt other Please charge & throughout; 。 Feng Xin CDH, all 18 318 station between the station of line mileage parameters needed for approval in advance, a total of more than 100000 processing of all kinds of data. Every test results must ensure correct function, data accuracy, passengers interests against losses. Brake machine, for example, under the normal state for 1 minute by 20 to 40 people, but can be 60 people in peak condition. At this point, the door basic cannot be completely shut down. “ Every brake machine after pressure test. ” At present, the whole fare collection system for thousands of people every day of passenger services, equipment loss serious, just replace gate door alone hundreds every day. “ I suggest that passengers use self-help equipment purchase more tickets. ” Feng Xin CDH, for example, if skillfully use the self-service ticket machine, buy a one-way ticket just 10 to 15 seconds. Sensitivity of the machine has been set for the ticket time at about 1 second. Hot and adapt to the new votes fares, Beijing Hong Kong metro specially built a small folding, it answered the passengers may encounter a few problems. 1. Lost the rides? A: one-way rides, artificial damage or lost rides into the pay zone, as no ticket, damage to the fault of one-way ticket recycling, passengers need to according to the site of the station to the far end of the road network fare ticket. 2. Children height in 1. 2 m to 1. 3 meters, can be directly through free? Answer: according to the new policy, children from 1 free height requirement. 2 meters into 1. 3 metres. So the height is in 1. 2 m to 1. Children between 3 m, shall receive a ticket welfare, staff assist station, please. This is mainly because the brake machine sensors are fixed, the height of the design is 1. Children under 2 meters and by when will not close the gate. If the standard adjustment to 1. 3 meters, the workload is bigger. And must be foolproof. So far suggest that passengers take 1. 2 m to 1. 3 m for their children, to find the station staff to assist, to avoid friendly fire. 3. Record is not complete, how to drive? Answer: in the pay zone, within the IC card balance is lower than the lowest one-way fares, passengers can't charge station, at this time should be prepaid phone or buy one-way ticket into the station. If the lack of the last train outbound messages inside card, passengers should be to the customer service center according to the actual trip stops after paying the fare. If in the pay zone, the passenger id lack of station records, outbound, should be to the customer service center according to the actual schedule filling station records, outbound and hold the original card. 4. Credit card but failed to stop, door closed at general how long? A: 30 seconds, if not one swipe through, the door will automatically shut down. 5. Use of automatic machines, ticket to find zero to coin? A: if the machine have notes, and generally preferred to find paper money.
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