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Beijing set new module passengers scan code directly anchorman machine can take the subway

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
And change and go to work by subway metrocards? Also in long queues buy tickets? You OUT! With mobile payment into public transportation, the use of mobile phones as & other; Transportation card & throughout; Has become a fashion. For now, brush cell phone by subway in places such as guangzhou, zhengzhou, wuxi successively, and the technology already quite mature, the related technical personnel said. And in recent days, Beijing subway and spread the good news, take the subway project in well line brush phone the official opening of the first, heralding the Beijing subway will into the era of sweeping code by subway. “ By upgrading traditional anchorman machine and in its internal access a sweeping code device ( The qr code scanner) ; Modified brake machine will be equipped with barcode scanner identification, data collection and data transmission performance of mobile payment systems and electronic ticketing system, real-time and docking, to expand mobile phone & other; Sweep the code into the brake & throughout; 、“ Sweep yards pay & throughout; And other value-added services. The device can realize brush mobile payment alipay, WeChat qr code directly in and out of the subway station. This feature is debugging, and can be implemented is expected to end of the year. ” Officials said, the subway. In addition, in addition to the support scan code to pay, after transforming the brake machine will also support & other; NFC payment & throughout; , the function is similar to the subway & other; Cloud gate & throughout; They can succeed, just phone induction into the gate. Compared with qr code to pay, & other; NFC payment & throughout; Function is limited, must be mobile hardware support NFC to use this feature, because not all phones support NFC, which is why mobile phones and code on one of the reasons for transportation preferred. How to make the anchorman current machine with mobile & other; Sweep the code into the brake & throughout; 、“ Sweep yards pay & throughout; , the promotion of the satisfaction of passengers become focused on metro operation department. As a qr code scanning hardware brand scheme, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) New technology in the Internet of things has a wealth of industry experience and resources, given the anchorman machine high frequency sweep code function needs the special launched 4500 series qr code scanner, and is now in several cities pilot operation and wide application. Reported that 4500 series code reading qr code scanner for mobile phone screen for checking the special technology, large view window rapid scanning, even in the cell phone battery is low, mobile phone screen film and color barcode cases can easily complete the barcode reading. Support on the market mainstream a peacekeeping 2 d code and the phone's screen print bar code read. Believe in & other; Internet + throughout metro & wisdom; Under the background of more and more anchorman machine brush will launch mobile station service, so as to improve efficiency of subway station passenger flow.
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