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Banks too traps, toilets installed entrance guard at the door

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
As a service to open the bank office, but will be on the first floor bathroom equipped with electronic door locks, no key or the door card is used too! Recently a number of neighborhoods, in tianhe district tianhe road bank building, first floor lobby inside the only toilet is equipped with electronic lock. Citizens Mr. Sun passing tianhe shopping center recently, unable to go to the toilet by acquisition centre transformation, finally found near the bank building, found that there is a bathroom, he hurriedly rushed to push door, found that simply don't move. Originally, the bathroom here with a door, a man and a woman, it has been two doors, and even maternal and infant room door is not open. The kind strangers, he didn't go to the building at the front desk on duty to the door card that opens the door to the bathroom. “ Card did not go to outside, so trouble on trips to the bathroom. ” Mr. Sun said, in guangzhou life for so many years, for the first time meet this kind of situation. Yesterday noon, SMW reporter field experience, found that residents described situation does exist, the building on the first floor has a bank branch, starbucks, the day has been open to the public, and near the west side of the bathroom area, men's and women's toilet door are installed electronic locks, continuously someone you would like to go to the toilet.
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