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Bank of active defense entrance guard system solutions

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
In recent years the bank on the security dimension system investment increasing year by year, however, in view of the bank of the crime is frequently occurred. Therefore, high security technology is adopted to establish the bank's security barrier, improve the level of bank safety standardization and scientific management, with effective technical means to prevent of advance of bank security guard actively, is the inevitable development trend of bank security. The bank's active defense entrance guard system is mainly composed of the central management system, the main control module, sensor modules and linkage module four parts: the central management system is the control of autonomous development of security management platform, responsible for the establishment, management and maintenance of the database and system database downloads and IC card management, biological characteristics, such as card, card, fingerprint face, set permissions, cancellation, etc. , are also responsible for collecting, recording and publishing information coming from the entrance guard controller. Master control module that is entrance guard controller, the system of entrance guard controller INBIO controller for control of independent research and development, as the core unit of this system, responsible for dealing with identification of the front-end device to read head card information, such as fingerprint biometric, forward the linkage equipment issued instructions and behavior to the security management platform. Induction module front reading head, namely the system read head have a radio frequency card head, card + password to read, read head, face recognition, fingerprint is responsible for receiving a card from the information, password information, biological characteristic information, and will receive information uploaded to the controller. Linkage module contains a door lock, video camera, alarm, such as front-end equipment, mainly to the controller's orders to react. System features 1, electronic map system at real-time electronic map function, you can view your front door status in real time as well as the current staff of dynamic, open system according to the verification personnel information, real-time control personnel. 2, a variety of pattern recognition system to support the second generation id card, MF card, or CARDS + password, fingerprint recognition and face recognition verify a variety of ways to open the door to meet the different needs of users. 3, two-door interlock systems support AB door access control model, when the controlled to open any door, absolutely prohibited another door is fully open, with functions of automatic protection followed with the; For special place, but also can realize more than more than 3 door interlock. More than 4, the functions of open system to support people to open the door, such as a bank vault door requires two or more staff to the scene and, in turn, validation through to open the door, a separate individual cannot verify the door. 5, video capture, video linkage to the door and go out of all the staff, and hard disk video recorders, implemented in the card, push button such as entrance guard happened at the same time, for video image capture, video, and can automatically switch the scene real-time image, for the administrator to view, at the same time, the local computer store image information more than 30 days for verification. 6, a local or remote alarm linkage of illegal to open the door, door, door timeout to realize local tips and remote alarm, video linkage alarm process associated with the camera at the same time, realizes the image capture and video of the more than 10 seconds before and after the event, all alarm message is stored, for later verification. 7, support stress alarm function when a gangster stress staff to open the door, can input code to open the door, the alarm system will produce stress, also called the dark alarm, dark alarm directly to management center or the public security departments, relevant departments can quickly organize personnel, for processing. 8, voice prompt function system device with voice function, the current state of the front door, lock state, and the current operation of voice prompt function. Such as: & other; Please close the interior door & throughout; ,“ Interior door cannot lock & throughout; ,“ Double open function has started & throughout; ,“ Double locking function has started throughout the &; 。 9, access to information recording functions, events, and all the people through the entrance guard system has a detailed record of in and out in the event of security problems, can be in the first time to confirm related information to go in and out.
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