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Bank attendance of advantage

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
A, bank check on work attendance business characteristics & bull; The number of employees many & bull; Attendance sites scattered & bull; Often work overtime delay & bull; Often go out on business & bull; Regional wide! Department of many! More researchers! Business complex! Second, the banking sector fingerprint attendance characteristics (1) scattered total work content (2) reduce the management work of check on work attendance. (3) strict attendance sign-in. (4) statements reflect department work efficiency. 5. Highlight management features. Three four, function is introduced, the flow chart of fingerprint check in 1. Normal attendance management: automatic statistics late arrival, etc. , to provide late arrival times and time length of statistics. 2. Abnormal attendance management: provide leave ( Private affair leave, sick leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, annual leave, etc. ) , on a business trip, absenteeism, and abnormal attendance management functions. 3. Work overtime attendance management: provide registration work overtime, even work overtime, don't swipe working overtime, and other functions, automatic statistics overtime hours and overtime, weekend, holiday overwork the length of time. 4. Perfect attendance report: A attendance summary: A detailed record of each employee each project data, such as to be late, leave early, absenteeism, leave, travel, go out, should work overtime, attendance, the actual attendance, etc. B attendance daily report, monthly report, abnormal report. Intuitive form C: you can print employee card original records in order to check it. Can at any time for statistics, does not want to have to statistics a month or a certain from 1, statistics on a monthly basis. Monthly statistics results summary statistics can be at the same time, achieve annual statistics, etc. Attendance to achieve precise statistics, statistical units can be set by the customer, such as unit for hours. This software can be hours ( Or minutes) Ask for leave and go out, rather than general half a day, a day. Especially suitable for hourly wage system. This system can deal with complicated attendance, such as three working three shifts, nine class, allowing employees to the class. Work overtime statistics powerful at the same time, allowing employees to work overtime to the next day. Can also set the effective charge time, respectively to commute can set how long how long delay any late set to leave early, and so on. To provide comprehensive personnel management function. Five, the value of the Banks' attendance data analysis 1, performance appraisal, strengthening the management of the worker's labor discipline; 2, salary, benefits, attendance data can be reference to calculate data, annual leave pay about each employee's vital interests; 3, personnel planning: through the analysis of the data on the intensity of labor and labor efficiency, manpower planning to provide reference data for each department; 4, labor disputes, open and transparent timely attendance data can also effectively avoid labor disputes; 5, employees can timely aware of their daily attendance status, self-help submit an application for examination and approval, strengthen the awareness of check on work attendance; 6, according to the system of rules automatically daily attendance and holiday to calculate for the employees, accurate and efficient.
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