Automatic canteen machine and kitchen staff competition

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
Yesterday, south China university of technology, a canteen & other; Image & throughout; Canteen machine automatically. Many students go to the machine to try this new way of rice. The high manager said the school food service center, automatic canteen machine is still in trial stage, late will roll out in the school dining room large area. Some curious about some fun yesterday afternoon, reporter saw to the canteen, many students are used under the guidance of staff canteen machine automatically. Dining room, two automatic canteen machine, appearance is same, but a selling two rice, another sell three two of rice. The students need to brush the school campus card, and push the plate into the FanKou, less than 3 seconds, eat dish is good a square meal. Many students are curious about the machine, wang said: & other; I am on the net to see dining room to have the machine, feel very curious to try. ” He said that in addition to the rules for comparing the shape of the rice, automatic canteen machine and dining room staff manual dozen rice was not much difference. Reporter discovery, the scene more canteen machine automatically to the use of the boys. A female classmate told reporters, although curious, but automatic canteen machine sell weight is too much, and his only eat one or two of rice, so there is no try. Also have students speech, said the emergence of canteen machine automatically blocked their chances of communicating with the opposite sex, & other; So don't have the milk of human kindness, with the opposite sex contact opportunity was missing. ” Dining room that recruitment difficult development automatically canteen machine company related staff Mr Cui told reporters that at present Chinese laborers only two canteen machine automatically, after the probation period will be 37 in the school, & other; We will collect the students use to some improvements & throughout; 。 Mr Cui said, a machine can be put into 38 kg of rice, add the rice to serve 200 students at one time. “ This machine has heat preservation function, speed, average 3 seconds get meals will be finished. ” Meal workpoint component is difficult to control not only, and people often contact the ladle is easy breeding ground for bacteria, canteen machine automatically distribute rice weight precision, also clean. Staff also reporters calculated brushstroke zhang, hired four canteen staff, for example, spending about $740000 for five years. While to buy two canteen machine automatically add electricity, five years of cost only 129600 yuan, can save 600000 yuan. The south China university of technology is to cut the costs and the introduction of automatic canteen machine? The Chinese diet service center of the high manager said, because the current recruitment canteen workers more difficult, on the other hand is because the machine is the school alumni research and development of the company. “ We have these attempts is well-known in science and engineering school, also is normal. This is one of the alumni of Alma mater, feedback. Of course canteen machine running automatically after the mature part will save labor costs. ”
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