Attention to the installation of anti-theft alarm system

by:Keyable     2021-08-06
Attention to the installation of anti-theft alarm system The equipment of anti-theft alarm system is generally divided into: front-end detector and alarm controller. The alarm controller is a host (like the host of a computer), which is used to control the processing of wired/wireless signals, detection of system failures, power supply, signal input, signal output, built-in dialer, etc. The alarm controller is indispensable in an anti-theft alarm system. Front-end detectors include: door magnetic switch, glass break detector, infrared detector and infrared/microwave dual discriminator, emergency button. Installation attention 1. Determine the installation method and height. The installation height of the detector is not arbitrary, it will directly affect the sensitivity of the detector and the effect of preventing small animals. Generally, the installation height of the wall-mounted infrared detector is 2.0-2.7 meters, keep it away Air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves and other places sensitive to changes in air temperature. 2. It is best not to install two wireless infrared detectors in the same space in a reasonable location to avoid interference caused by simultaneous triggering; the infrared detector should be at a certain angle to the indoor walking line. The response to movement is the least sensitive, and the most sensitive to movement in the tangential direction (ie, the direction perpendicular to the radius). Choosing an appropriate installation location on site is an extremely important part of avoiding false alarms of infrared detectors and obtaining the best detection sensitivity. 3. It is not advisable to directly respond to the hot and cold vents or infrared alarms of cold and heat sources, which are closely related to changes in temperature. Both hot and cold vents and sources of cold and heat may cause false alarms of the detector, which may be of low performance. Detectors, sometimes air convection through doors and windows can also cause false alarms. 4. It is not suitable to face large objects that are easy to swing. Large swings of objects can instantly cause sudden airflow changes in the detection area, so it may also cause false alarms. It should be noted that the purpose of installing detectors on illegal intrusion routes is to prevent illegal intrusion by criminals. Before determining the installation location, the main population of the building must be considered. In fact, we prevented entrances and exits and intercepted illegal intrusion lines, which achieved our goal. 5. Reasonable selection of infrared alarm models are also available. Ordinary infrared detectors, curtains, advanced infrared detectors, Sanjian wide-angle detectors, etc. From 10 meters to 25 meters, from dual-element infrared to dual-camera to multi-camera, from pet-proof to anti-blocking, anti-sway, from wall-mounted to ceiling-mounted, etc., the size of the guard space should also be considered for the detectors to be installed , The surrounding environment, the characteristics of entrances and exits, and other actual conditions. 6. It is not advisable to face glass doors and windows facing glass doors and windows. There are two problems: one is white light interference. Although passive infrared detectors (PIR) have a strong suppression function on white light, they are not 100% suppression after all, so don’t be correct. For glass doors and windows, the interference of strong light can be avoided; the second is to avoid the complex environmental interference outside the doors and windows, such as direct sunlight, crowds, and mobile vehicles. The above information is organized by Chengdu Anti-theft System, the opinions of this article have nothing to do with this site
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