Aquaculture monitoring system of monitoring and regulation methods

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
In modern intelligent fisheries, aquaculture intelligent monitoring system is very important for a fish farming system. As the saying goes, a water, fish in aquaculture monitoring system of the scientific management method is from the growth of water environment, such as fish and shrimp, through a variety of water quality sensors to timely grasp water quality changes in time, the response measures in advance, effectively avoid the risk of breeding and increase the area yield, so as to achieve safety, efficient breeding purposes, reduce cost increase efficiency to achieve goals. In the process of aquaculture, to the main water quality indexes had a greater influence on the aquatic animals are water temperature, PH and dissolved oxygen, then how aquaculture monitoring system for testing and regulation of these indicators? 1, regulation and control of temperature, water temperature directly affects the survival and growth of fish and other aquatic animals, different fish in the water temperature is different, some appropriate growth in 20 - Water temperature 30 ℃ environment, some appropriate growth in 25 35 ℃ temperature environment, and some appropriate water temperature of 12 - LengShuiXing fish 18 ℃, and only in the optimum temperature range, fish metabolism will increase accordingly, feeding, growth accelerated. Aquaculture monitoring and control system for real-time detection in water temperature, water temperature sensor can be different according to the breeding of aquatic species, to set up the optimum temperature range, once more than line, then the system will alarm to remind managers timely processing or automatically the corresponding regulation, to ensure that the water temperature. 2, regulation and control of dissolved oxygen in general dissolved oxygen in water is less than 2 mg/L, the fish will be serious hypoxia and hypoxia increases oxygen if you don't take immediate measures will lead to extensive pool; The oxygen in the 2 - Between 4 mg/L, the fish will hypoxia and hypoxia affect fish activity and growth; Dissolved oxygen in the 4 - Between 5 mg/L, the bait coefficient rise, breeding benefit is reduced, weakened immunity, easy cause of fish disease and epidemics; Dissolved oxygen in 5 - Between 8 mg/L, the dissolved oxygen in water is enough, is advantageous to the fish feeding and growth. So the rational use of aerator, guarantee sufficient oxygen in water, important things is to ensure that the breeding and breeding benefit. Use of aquaculture monitoring and regulation of the monitoring system, can realize dissolved oxygen control more timely and effective. 3, PH control of PH is not up to standard in water can also affect the growth of fish and other aquatic products, generally PH 7 - Between 9 is more suitable for the scope of the use of aquaculture monitoring system for monitoring and control, to ensure that water in PH, meet the needs of the aquatic safety breeding. Actually aquaculture water quality monitoring system can monitor and control the above index more than three, completely can according to the demands of production increase and decrease, and the application of the aquaculture monitoring systems can make full use of computer and industrial control principle of the aquaculture industry should be brought into the system of scientific management, greatly reduce farm staff of energy input, and through the analysis of historical data, real-time prediction of the happening of the disease, to achieve less investment, the larger benefit, for the development of modern aquaculture industry, has the very vital significance.
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