Analysis of application installation of security monitoring

by:Keyable     2021-08-05
Security monitoring application installation analysis The first choice to install security monitoring equipment is to choose a monitoring host, whether you choose to install a monitoring card in your computer or an embedded hard disk video recorder as your monitoring host. The computer monitoring card is more suitable for places that are familiar with computer installation, are guarded by professionals, and have more functional requirements, and its overall investment is relatively low. Since the monitoring card is installed in the computer, the computer needs to be turned on 24 hours a day; as for the latter, it does not require professional knowledge and does not need to be on duty, and the operation is relatively simple. To install security monitoring equipment, determine how many cameras to install, the quality of the cameras and the scope of surveillance. The first choice is to determine how many cameras are used for surveillance, and then determine the camera's lens surveillance range based on how many cameras there are. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the distance from the camera to the surveillance point and the surveillance area. Infrared Supply Network recommends the use of a 480 TV line camera, because it is more in line with that definition. When installing security monitoring equipment, the third consideration is whether the camera has night vision function. If the monitoring is installed in a darker place, consider using a camera with infrared night vision function. The installation of security monitoring equipment can choose wired or wireless transmission to install. Although the cost of the wireless network is relatively high, it can save a lot of installation troubles and make the monitoring place more beautiful. However, the installation of wireless network monitoring equipment must take into account the environmental problems of the security place. Cement and building materials will shorten the wireless transmission distance, and metal building materials may complete the shielding of wireless signals. Infrared transmitters and infrared receivers should be kept away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference. Because the price of wireless network is almost twice that of wired transmission monitoring equipment, I recommend using wired transmission to install. On-site monitoring and network monitoring When you determine the installation of the monitoring system, you should consider whether you need network functions. That is to say, if you need to monitor and control the monitoring site on the Internet at any time, you need to choose a monitoring host with network functions. Avoid no network transmission function after the installation is complete. A complete security monitoring equipment must have at least three parts: surveillance camera, pan-tilt, and decoder. The following are their installation methods: 1. Installation method of surveillance camera: 1. Installation of surveillance camera in a strong electromagnetic interference environment It should be insulated and isolated from the ground. 2. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of the field of view of the surveillance target, its installation height: indoor ground clearance should not be less than 2.5m, outdoor ground clearance should not be less than 3.5m. 3. The surveillance camera in the elevator car should be installed on the left or right side above the door, and can effectively monitor the facial features of the occupants in the elevator car. 4. The surveillance camera and its supporting devices, such as lens, camera protective cover, bracket, wiper, etc., should be installed firmly, operated flexibly, and should be protected from damage and coordinated with the surrounding environment. 5. The signal line and power line should be introduced separately, and the exposed part should be protected by a hose, which will not affect the rotation of the pan/tilt. 2. Monitoring camera control equipment installation: 1. All cables in the control room should be arranged with cable troughs and inlet holes according to the installation position of the equipment, arranged and bundled neatly, numbered, and have permanent signs. 2. Console and cabinet (rack) installation The location should meet the design requirements, the installation should be stable and firm, and easy to operate and maintain. The net distance from the back and sides of the rack to the wall should meet the maintenance requirements. 3. The installation of all control, display, recording and other terminal equipment of the surveillance camera should be stable and easy to operate. Among them, the monitor (screen) should avoid direct exposure to external light, and when it is unavoidable, measures should be taken to avoid light. The equipment installed in the console and cabinet (rack) should have ventilation and heat dissipation measures, and the internal connectors should be firmly connected to the equipment. 3. Installation of the pan/tilt and decoder: 1. Check whether the rotation angle range of the pan/tilt meets the requirements according to the product technical conditions and system design requirements. 2. The installation of the pan/tilt should be firm, without shaking when rotating. 3. The decoder should be installed near the pan-tilt or in the ceiling (but there must be maintenance holes). 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