Also want to clock in class attendance? Shanxi university students to skip class

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
To prevent the occurrence of students skip classes, truancy phenomenon, recently, shanxi university began to implement & other; Clock in class & throughout; To supervise the students to class on time. Into the shanxi university teaching building, you can see all the door of the classroom with attendance machine, according to introducing, the installation of the attendance machine is to prevent truancy, recently started. As long as the stick one cartoon, student information will be lost in. What is meant by & other; One cartoon & throughout; 吗? From the CARDS that students take out, we see that this card is the right of the student's head, the left is a chip, card center such as student name, student number and school information, below the formal card, IC card card number and shanxi university as the back of the back of the card with ordinary bank CARDS. This seemingly ordinary card in school is very versatile, for example, go and play in the booth to draw water, went to a restaurant meal, go to the library to borrow books, it is also the student's student id card and bank CARDS, now a more examines the function of the students' attendance. For adding and dropping classes clock in attendance, the students have different opinions. Some classmates think, started with the attendance machine examination, the class was a notable increase in the number, some subjects had ignored, people also began to actively go to class. At the same time, also have students hold different views, you don't think this just how helpful, general supervision. Have a freshman reflect to us said: & other; Our class usually clock in, also some people don't clock in, also can call others generation, some students think attendance will check attendance situation, there are also many students think that it is no use. ” And junior and senior classmate say: & other; We are generally less lessons, also issued one cartoon, general class of what all need not, is generally not clock in & throughout; 。 In fact, the attendance machine not only applies to, students will be to examine the attendance for the teachers. School officials said, the late arrival of the teacher also have corresponding punishment measures. At present, the attendance machine or in the pilot phase, the technical data for the background, the school is also considering to further improve it, in order to more convenient to manage students.
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