Advantage three roll gate machine automatic fare collection (afc) system of the scenic spot

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
The main purpose of the scenic spot three roll brake or at main entrances and exits have the effect of limit per unit time personnel, in the event of an emergency is to do the emergency response ( Limit personnel enter the scenic area, etc. ) 。 The advantages of intelligent three roll gate scenic spot ticket system, fast, accurate statistics and real-time query 1 ticket and the visit personnel flow, so as to improve the security of this district personnel flow; 2, completely put an end to bring the huge economic loss because of the fake fake ticket; 3, cancel the manual management and statistics, make the data accurate and timely, improve the work efficiency; 4, the scenic spot three roll gate to eliminate financial accounting loopholes and reduce human feelings, put an end to cheating in the staff; 5, provide flexible forms of selling tickets and ticket types used for tourists; 6, increase the speed of check-in, prevent personnel crowded security hidden danger; Intelligent three roll gate scenic spot ticket system features 1, charge management comprehensive electronic ticket number and amount for each ticket window, the number of the ticket entrance ticket channel can be reflected in the real-time ticketing management center of the computer, the scenic spot three roll brake can print out various reports as needed, according to the report data can be timely grasp the operating conditions and found problems in time, thereby improving work, strengthen management, to realize the best service, to achieve the best economic benefits and social benefits. 2, the secrecy good, the prevent forgery using encryption barcode ticket or tickets for IC card, automatic identification by fare collection (afc) system, put an end to the fake ticket, and the devil. 3, adaptive system has the function of open architecture and modular design, the system can but can small, entrance guard channel may be less than, function can be increased, so has strong adaptability to the system. 4, scenic area management advanced three roll gate adopt computer control and management, greatly improves the work efficiency and management level, effectively put an end to the financial loophole, ensure the economic efficiency of enterprises. At the same time, through the computer statistics processing, can be concluded that each stage of the tourists flow distribution, and through the vertical, bread, graph display data, clear, facilitate leadership query, easy to arrange service facilities and services within the enterprise in order to achieve scientific management. 5, good real-time scenic spot three roll brake can real-time, accurately judge the legitimacy of the tickets and tickets for the query and statistical distribution, sales, category, time and the number of traffic, and can print day, week, month, season, year report, is advantageous for the audit and scientific decision-making management. At the same time, with the underlying recount processing technology, greatly speed up the electronic ticket check-in and management, effectively ensure the real-time demand of tourist traffic.
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