Active management system should have the function of the intelligent entrance guard channels

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
What kind of entrance guard channel management system can be intelligent? Users first when choosing entrance guard channel management system should be concerned about the following features: ( 1) Entrance to multiple security functions. System for traffic personnel identification data automatically complete record text, images, and can provide personnel of all traffic records, these records can be regarded as the original records of attendance, and can generate statistics. Traffic personnel as long as there is an authorized permission RFID card, to the designated area, can automatically identify swing gate release and open channels. To does not conform to the stipulations of the passage of suspicious personnel refuses to pass. ( 2) Hierarchical scientific management functions. Hierarchical permission management make different post personnel can focus on the labor of duty. Convenient real-time understanding of the work area the leadership of the department personnel information, convenient for dynamic monitoring personnel in different positions. ( 3) Comprehensive information recording function. All kinds of documents data entry and processing automatically by computer, makes the registration information is truthful and accurate. Passage of personnel in and out of the entrance guard channel, the camera automatically gathers the image of traffic personnel image information and the RFID card information will be directly displayed on the monitor on the desktop, monitoring personnel can help than traffic personnel and image registration. ( 4) Perfect guest service. For visitor registration, the use of fast effective id card registration, photos capture automatically, to ensure the identity, photographs, complete and accurate information, visiting guests make visitors respected. ( 5) Privacy protection surveyed staff. Surveyed staff can be directed the guard terminal clever through the network to assist refused to malicious visitors, so as to protect the privacy of surveyed workers. ( 6) , flexible and convenient system compatible with a variety of equipment, according to actual circumstances, flexible configuration, convenient installation and debugging. 2 active intelligent entrance guard channel management system hardware design
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