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Access Control Vehicle Parking Boom Barrier Gate

Access Control Vehicle Parking Boom Barrier Gate
parking boom barrier gate
The KPAC20 barrier gate, adopts the latest automatic technology and intelligent design ahead in this field.Which makes barrier gate work more safely and conveniently. The barrier gate is widely use for Parking lots, toll gate, railway crossing, commercial premises, apartment block access shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, business centers, etc..

Dimension:  325*280*935mm

Motor:  120W AC 220V±10% 50HZ

Running speed:  3s/6s adjustable, depend on barrier length

Working temperature:  -35℃~+60℃

Working humidity:  ≤90%RH

Color:  Yellow/Blue/Gray

Accessories:  Remote controller, screws, straight barrier(≤6m)

Barrier optional:  Straight barrier/articulated barrier/fence barrier

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Main Features:

lSupport manual lift barrier via the handwheel while power failure, and the barrier will reset when power on.

lMachine core with compression spring, avoid the accidents caused by fracture effectively.

lDie-casting aluminum alloy motor, precision and good at thermal radiating.

lBarrier remote control, open/close/stop.

lSupport vehicle loop detector.

lReserved parking system open&close signal interface input( dry contact required).

lDelay drop arm.

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