Access control system linkage video surveillance can mainly achieve the following three functions:

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
Access control system linkage video monitoring can mainly achieve the following three functions: 1. Video recording can be associated with access control system actions including the removal of the controller or sub-equipment, illegal opening of the door, door opening timeout, duress opening, invalid card, swiping card to open the door, Button to open the door, disarm, arm, various other alarm conditions, etc., once the controller detects the above signal, it will immediately start the video surveillance equipment to video record the event at the channel site, the recording time can be set freely (generally including the pre-event , Video recording during and after the event), and the management host will reflect the recorded information to the access control software monitoring interface in real time. According to the actual needs of the Chengdu access control system, the video recording data can be stored in the local management host or in a remote NVR. 2. Video capture and video recording can be associated with the same actions. The difference is that this function item only captures the video of the event, and the captured image is the real-time information of the event. 3. Status monitoring Chengdu access control system This function requires that the management host of the access control system must be in the on state (the video surveillance system can be on or off according to the actual function of the access control product), the real-time monitoring screen of the access control software and each channel The screen remains the same. The operator can synchronously observe the status of the channel site through the monitoring screen, and its function is similar to the monitoring function of the NVR.
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