Access control system installation and debugging

by:Keyable     2021-07-30
Access control system installation and debugging 1. Access control system installation and debugging 1. The power supply is guaranteed to have sufficient power. Try to use a linear power supply. The door lock and the controller should be powered separately. The power supply is installed as close as possible to the electrical equipment to avoid interference and transmission loss. 2. The wiring is divided into power line, communication line and signal line. When wiring, pay attention to separate the strong and weak currents. The distance between the two pipes should be greater than about 20cm. Power cord: The wire diameter is thick enough and multi-stranded wire is used. Signal wire and communication wire: use shielded five-type twisted pair wire. The 485 bus must use a twisted pair of wires to connect. It is recommended to use 4*0.5 four-core shielded wire when purchasing wires. 3. Matters needing attention (1) The shielded wire must not be used as a 0V voltage (power ground) connection line (2), each shielding circuit can only have one ground terminal (3), when the shielding circuit cannot be grounded The shielded wire can be connected to another shielded loop of the network. (4) The signal ground of each module must be connected together. (5) If there is a breakpoint in the middle of the circuit, solder the breakpoint with a soldering iron and do insulation treatment. (6) Don't put the network cable and AC power together. (7) If the network connection exceeds 1000 meters, a repeater should be added. After the repeater, it can be extended by another 1000 meters. 4. Location selection (1) Card reader: Do not install on a metal object, and the distance between two card readers should not be less than 30 cm. It is best to supply power through the controller. If the card reader is powered separately from the outside, please use a linear stabilized power supply (transformer) for the card reader's power supply, and do not connect the negative pole of the DC to the ground terminal of the AC. (2) Network adapter: The connection with the controller is hand in hand. (3) Controller: Controller without isolation, it is recommended to use the same power supply. (4) Lock: When installing a magnetic lock, the lock body and the relay plate must be tightly combined, otherwise there will be insufficient suction. For electric mortise locks, if you need to open the jack when installing the electric mortise lock, pay attention to the aperture must be large enough and the depth must be deep enough to allow the bolt to be fully inserted. The lock tongue cannot be fully inserted, and the lock tongue will keep beating after the door is locked or the working current will always be large, and the lock body will become hot. 2. Common faults and maintenance methods of the access control system 1. The valid card cannot open the door 1. Check whether the electric control lock is normal Check the power supply or replace the electric control lock 2. Whether the bolt and the lock are mechanically stuck, repair the mechanical failure or replace the parts 3. Check the indicator light on the control board, and check whether the communication between the control board and the module is normal. 4. Check whether the communication between the card reader and the module is normal. 5. Check whether the information day close command is set. Adjust the opening time through the software. 6. Whether the operator initializes the access control system or other commands reauthorize the Chengdu access control system through the software. 2. Access control communication fails 1. Check whether the serial port is set incorrectly (determine the serial port used) 2. Check whether the access control communication bus has a short circuit or open circuit (Exclude communication line short circuit and open circuit phenomenon) 3. Check RS485 communication card communication chip 75184 is damaged (replace communication chip 75148) 4. RS485 communication card is damaged (replace RS485 communication card) 5. Check whether the crystal plug of the network cable is well done, check whether the network cable Connect, ping the address of the access controller. 3. The access control record cannot be extracted completely. Clear the access control controller and reload time. 4. The door lock is always open. 1. The operator sets the state of the access control to normally open, or other reasons cause the controller to be in the normally open state; 2. Controller failure ; Chengdu access control system processing method: set the state of the door lock controller to normal, if the fault still exists, replace the controller. 5. The IC card cannot be read 1. The IC card has been set for the valid time period of the card reading when the IC card is authorized (can be used for all-day card reading effective setting) 2. The access control controller is abnormally hot (replace the access control motherboard) 3. Access control reading Write antenna (adjust the fine-tuning capacitor to increase the card reading distance) 6. The communication between the computer and the controller is unstable 1. Use of signal lines that do not meet the requirements or poor quality signal lines; 2. The signal lines are not laid out in a standard manner, such as signals The line and the power line are in the same tube. Chengdu access control system.
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