Access Control Machines to Secure Your Office Premises

by:Keyable     2020-06-07
Security of premise is vital and everyday there is completely new technology entering market that ensures security. CCTV camera has played important role in securing your premises and keep watch on people. However, CCTVs unfortunately can only record data and cannot stop people from entering somewhere. Especially in big corporate office in which there are several floors, cabins and doors it crucial to have efficient access control systems that can prevent access of unwanted people. Or better the best control access of area as required. Furthermore, CCTV and access control systems together can ensure a better security to the getting. Access control technology is nothing but a lock that asks for authentication before allowing someone inside. Taking part in cabins in premises handful of them are extremely private and only few consumers are authenticated to enter a. In such case secure access control systems ask you to entree required code or card before entering . That punch code or card tells about your authentication if your code is correct you is certain to get into cabin otherwise door will remain close. If you attempt to enter by tempering lock or door alarm will alert the security personals and prevent you from doing so. There are always chances of losing card or forgetting code. In this case the person who is maintaining controls need alter the data in system if he is out of stock there is no option but to wait for him. To prevent such situation biometric access control is developed. Every person has different body characteristic. You will be happy to know that regardless if two people look alike there finger print and eye retina are several different. In short every person in this world has unique finger print and eye retina. Biometric access control allows access only after checking your finger print or other part of the body whichever feeded in system. Many companies now prefer this system so they sometimes are safe from possible threats like putting code by wrong people or stealing card, etc. This secure system also proved useful for attendance purpose. Attendance can be tempered often. Even employees exchange their cards for showing wrong attendance. Furthermore, in factories where several labor work in various shift keeping exact record of labors work time is extremely difficult. In these instances biometric attendance system proves very helpful. When employees or labors leave premises they have to show there biometric authentication or physical authentication which get recorded into system assists in keeping record. Attendance management system and biometric attendance system can be operated by professionals who have done the diploma in access control technology. It requires little understanding, studies and lot of physical effort to control the device. It also requires stooping, kneeling while repairing connections or wiring. However, the codes and data could be maintained through computer and any you need is proper understanding of technology and system. You need for alert and available to solve problems when some door code gets miss.
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